A man said he was robbed at gunpoint at 7:28 p.m. on Monday as he was getting out of his car in the 1600 block of Autumn Meadow Lane. The caller said a man pointed a handgun at his head and then stole his backpack and wallet. The caller said a neighbor might have cameras that recorded the incident. Police checked the area but couldn’t find him.

Tracy police received 996 calls for service from Dec. 17 through Tuesday. The following is a sampling of those calls as they were documented in real time.


1:06 a.m.: Someone wanted to make an anonymous call about neighbors in an argument in the 300 block of Cecilio Way. The caller said there were about six people in the argument and man pointed a black handgun at someone. The people went back into the home and two of them later left in a SUV. Police checked the area but couldn’t find the SUV.

3:24 a.m.: A caller said they heard gunshots coming from the 2300 block of Holly Drive. The caller said there were five shots, a pause, and then six more rounds fired. The caller said they only hear the gunfire and didn’t see anything. Police checked the area and said they didn’t find anything suspicious.

8:21 a.m.: A man said someone stole his black Chevrolet Silverado truck from the 400 block of Escatta Drive and was following it using a GPS in the truck. The man said there was a loaded handgun in a holster in the truck. Police tracked the truck to where it stopped at a street in Manteca and made one arrest. A Tracy police crime scene technician was called to process the truck and the handgun was found at the scene.

10:38 a.m.: A community mailbox was reported broken into in the 100 block of La Monte Lane.

1:51 p.m.: A homeless encampment at Tracy Boulevard and Interstate 205 was reported to be taking up the sidewalk on the east side of the road. The information was sent to code enforcement who checked the encampment a couple of hours later and said one woman refused to leave the sidewalk and was getting very upset. Neighborhood resource officers were told about the situation.

4:15 p.m.: A man was exposing himself near FoodMaxx, 1950 W. 11th Street. The caller said the man was pulling down his sweatpants wearing a trench coat and aggressively panhandling. Police couldn’t find him but said they would stay in the area for a while.

6:42 p.m.: Police were called about a group of 12 kids in a fight in the middle of the road near Stars Casino, 775 W. Clover Road. The caller said the kids were running, some got in three cars and left while others ran toward nearby hotels. Police said everyone was gone when they arrived.

10:23 p.m.: A caller said a couple of guys were at a table smoking drugs from a bong or pipe at Kit Fox Park, 705 Fox Hollow Drive.

11:02 p.m.: Police were called about for a driver who struck a tree on Middlefield Drive near Calamity Lane. The caller said the car, a Dodge Charger, was wrapped around a tree and the driver inside wasn’t moving and didn’t appear to be breathing. The driver was taken by ambulance to county hospital and the wreckage was towed from the scene.


1:13 a.m.: A caller in the 1600 block of Sequoia Boulevard said a driver in an older black sedan was playing loud music, revving his engine and driving back and forth in front of the caller’s home and may have struck their parked car. Police checked on the driver and asked for a breathalyzer and later reported making one arrest.

5:13 a.m.: A 2001 Ford F350 pickup truck was stolen from a home in the 1100 block of Tarrogana Drive. The owner said the theft occurred sometime during the night.

5:49 a.m.: A 15-year-old girl walked on the Stars Casino property, 775 W. Clover Road, and fell. The caller said the girl was awake but was very intoxicated. An ambulance took the girl to county hospital. Police later found a car parked sideways in an alley behind O’Reilly Auto Parts with a man passed out in the driver’s seat. Police said it was related to the intoxicated 15-year-old girl and contacted the parents and told them where their daughter was.

10:31 a.m.: Police were called about a car that had been abandoned near Buthmann Avenue and Cardoza Road since October and was becoming a nuisance. The car had been tagged once by police and now the plates were missing and people had been breaking into the car. The traffic interns were sent a message about the car.

1:51 p.m.: A caller said someone broke into and vandalized his mother’s house in the 1600 block of E. Grant Line Road. The caller said his mother doesn’t stay at the house and he had already gone inside and there was no one there.

3:51 p.m.: A resident at Tracy Park Apartments, 2800 N. Tracy Boulevard, said an upstairs neighbor came to her door last night and was very aggressive telling her to have her grandson turn down his music. When police talked to the man he said he did knock on their door at 4 a.m. to turn the music down. Police told him not to knock on her door in the future but call the police or the apartment site security to make a noise complaint.

6:20 p.m.: A washer and dryer were stolen form a home in the 200 block of Versailles Court. The residents said they thought a maroon pickup that had been circling the neighborhood might be involved.

10:44 p.m.: Someone reported a car drove by playing loud music and then heard five loud pops they thought was gunfire in the area of 12th and Walnut streets. A police officer a few blocks away said they didn’t hear anything.


12:37 a.m.: Police were called about a man walking with a machete in his hand near Mt. Hamilton and Corliss drives. The caller said the man was just holding it in his hand and was “hunched over like an ogre.” Police checked the area and couldn’t find him.

7:03 a.m.: A trailer was on fire on the side of a home in the 1800 block of Heron Street and was starting to set the house on fire. The call was transferred to the fire department.

11:57 a.m.: A woman said she was walking in the area of Allegheny Street and Sycamore Parkway when a man approached her and grabbed her buttocks and then ran away. The woman and her husband were driving around in the area looking for him and police were checking to see if there were any cameras in the neighborhood.

1:37 p.m.: A caller told police there was a large number of dirt bikes in a field off International and Promontory parkways. A police officer said there weren’t any “no trespassing” signs and the bikes were using the field to reach a canal.

2:39 p.m.: Someone stole an employee’s catalytic converter from a vehicle parked at Costco, 3250 W. Grant Line Road. The caller said a floor jack was left behind.

5:29 p.m.: A resident in the 2100 block of Bridle Creek Circle said a neighbor has two dogs outside that bark constantly. The resident had talked to the neighbor in the past about the issue but wanted to remain anonymous. Animal control officers were sent a message about the dogs.

6:11 p.m.: A driver in a Ford Mustang sheared a fire hydrant off at Tracy Boulevard and Tennis Lane. Water from the hydrant was heading toward a high voltage power vault so Pacific Gas & Electric was told about the accident.

8:23 p.m.: Police were called to the Sutter Tracy Community Hospital ambulance bay to help with a man who was fighting with California Highway Patrol officers. The CHP had arrested the man following a crash on the freeway and wanted help putting the man in a body wrap.

11:23 p.m.: A caller complained about a loud party in the 2100 of Misquez Lane that had been going on since Thursday. The caller said they could hear loud music and was willing to sign a complaint. Police arrived and found that the party was over.


12:32 a.m.: A caller said there was a party with loud music and people yelling. The caller told police they also hear four gunshots and people screaming. Police checked the area and were told the owner of the home that was having the party was on a trip to Mexico and her son may have been hosting the party. Police gave the resident a citation.

1:30 a.m.: A large window was smashed at Mancini’s Sleepworld, 2884 W. Grant Line Road. Police tried to contact the owner to send someone to board up the broken window.

3:01 a.m.: Police were called to Sutter Tracy Community Hospital, 1420 N. Tracy Blvd. for man who was under the influence of a controlled substance and being aggressive with staff in the waiting room. The man was going to be placed on a psychiatric hold but the hospital did not have a bed available. The hospital called back saying the man was in a fight with security who had him on the ground but couldn’t control him. Police arrived and placed the man in a body wrap.

10:13 a.m.: Someone in the 700 block of Palm Circle said they received texts saying they were going to decapitate him “for messing with one of our girls.” Police said it was an attempted scam and the man didn’t lose any money.

12:38 p.m.: A caller wanted to report a group holding a baseball practice at Galli Family Park, 2341 W. Lowell Avenue, and no one had masks on. Police advised the caller to make an online report, which the caller declined.

3:32 p.m.: A man in a Ford Explorer crashed into a city tree in the center divide at Glenbrook and MacArthur drives. A caller said the man might be intoxicated but was appeared to be uninjured. The man took a breathalyzer test and recorded over .08 and was arrested and taken to county jail.

5:50 p.m.: An elderly woman in a large black sedan was driving north in the southbound lanes of Lincoln Boulevard. The caller said the woman crossed over the median and then crossed back. Police looked for the car but couldn’t find it.

7:37 p.m.: About four Ford Mustangs or Dodge Challengers were racing around the parking lot of West Valley Mall, 3200 Naglee Road. The regional sideshow taskforce was told about the cars racing around.

10:29 p.m.: A caller said there were people on dirt bikes driving in the parking lot of Monticello School, 1001 Cambridge Place. Another caller said the dirt bikes were now driving in the area of English Oaks and Whispering Wind drives.


1:50 a.m.: Two police officers on patrol heard gunshots fired in the area of 11th Street and Holly drive. The officers checked the area but couldn’t find any signs of gunfire but one officer noted a vehicle driving quickly near Tracy Boulevard and Beechnut Avenue.

4:19 a.m.: A woman in the 1400 block of Blair Avenue said two men were stealing the catalytic converter from her car. The woman said a surveillance alarm went off letting her know someone was at the vehicle. The woman’s husband scared the thieves off who dropped the converter. The woman said she would press charges if police found the thieves.

8:42 a.m.: A caller at Walmart, 3010 W. Grant Line Road said someone broke into a case at the store and stole three Nintendo Switch games.

11:24 a.m.: A man on a stolen motorcycle crashed into a parked vehicle in the 100 block of E. Third Street. The rider reportedly had a fractured leg and hip and the motorcycle was totaled. Police notified the owner of the stolen motorcycle of the crash and the wreckage was towed away.

1:59 p.m.: A customer at Bank of the West, 810 W. Schulte Road, said someone broke into her car and stole her purse. Witnesses said a black sedan pulled up along side the woman’s car and a passenger got out and smashed the window to grab the purse. No one watching was able to see the suspect’s license plate.

5:28 p.m.: Someone reported a dog had been barking for the past four hours in the 1400 block of W. 12th Street. An email about the dog was sent to animal control officers.

9:23 p.m.: A caller said they heard gun shots in the area of Holly Drive and Grant Line Road. The caller said they heard one shot about an hour ago and then four more gunshots five minutes ago. Police checked the area and couldn’t find anything.

11:41 p.m.: Police were told “there were some clowns outside acting crazy” in the first block of E. Third Street. The caller said one person in a group was making some kind of threats and lived nearby at the housing authority. Police checked the area but the group had already left.

Dec. 17

12:03 a.m.: A caller said a vehicle was spinning doughnuts in the grass at Veterans Park, 238 Glenhaven Drive. The caller said the car was a black sedan and kept flashing its lights. Police checked the area and the car was gone.

4:03 a.m.: A man walking in the road yelling at vehicles threw a rock and broke out window on a car at Tracy Boulevard and Whispering Wind Drive. The man ran from the intersection toward a nearby park but was gone when police arrived.

6:54 a.m.: A resident at Gateway Station Apartments, 3600 W Grant Line Road said her husband’s bicycle valued at $1,000 was stolen off their porch. The woman said the complex had cameras and they would have to check with the management to get it.

10:23 a.m.: A tractor with a 53-foot trailer was off the designated truck route and stuck in the mud at Lammers and Redbridge roads. The truck was freed and had left when police checked the area.

11:39 a.m.: Someone in the 1500 block of Parkside Court had an ongoing problem with a neighbor’s German shepherd defecating on their lawn. The caller asked the neighbor to remove the feces and the neighbor’s son began an argument and was rude to the caller.

12:21 p.m.: A caller said a man walking in the 2700 block of Holly Drive was throwing a pregnant Chihuahua in the air while he was walking it. Police checked the area and couldn’t find the man.

1:08 p.m.: Two men were going door-to-door in the 1800 of Duncan Drive saying they had a cleaning service to remove “the virus.” The caller said they weren’t wearing masks, didn’t have any business ID and might be casing the neighborhood. Police looked but couldn’t find them.

3:39 p.m.: A landlord asked police about the eviction process saying one of his tenants in the 1600 block of Riverview Avenue was dirty, loud and rude. Police gave the man a copy of the California tenants guide and information on how to obtain a restraining order.

5:18 p.m.: An Acura MDX was overturned in a two-car accident near the intersection of Corral Hollow and Lammers roads. The occupants of the overturned car were able to climb out and one person was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

8:31 p.m.: A resident in the 1700 block of Camelia Drive heard gunfire a few hours ago and just now found a bullet hole in the garage door.

9:47: A man told police that two .22 handguns and a .22 rifle, along with 100 rounds of ammunition, had been stolen from a house on the 6700 block of South Corral Hollow Road. He told police that the home was for sale and had been watching it, and that the handguns belonged to him and the rifle belonged to his father, but he didn’t have serial numbers for any of them. Police took a report.

• This column includes a sample of items as reported in the Tracy Police Department dispatcher’s daily log. Additional information is based on reports from officers and other law enforcement agencies. Charges may have been added or dropped as of press time, and all suspects are assumed innocent until proven guilty. To report information anonymously about a crime: Crime Stoppers, 831-6847.

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