Tracy Police went to Tracy Municipal Airport, 5749 S. Tracy Blvd., after learning that someone had been shot in what police described as an interrupted burglary of a tow truck.

According to police records, someone heard a noise and went outside and discovered people wearing masks and gloves trying to break into their tow truck. One of the alleged burglary suspects was shot, and all left the scene.

Police records state that a man with a gunshot wound was taken to Sutter Tracy Community Hospital by a friend. They said the man with the gunshot wound was in critical condition and no one had been arrested in connection with the shooting or attempted burglary. The incident was still under investigation.

Tracy police received 1,059 calls for service from April 9 through Wednesday. The following is a sampling of those calls as they were documented in real time.


6:52 a.m. A caller said a friend had accessed his bank account and Social Security information through an unlocked computer. The friend attached accounts to their personal devices and compromised the caller’s personal information. The caller said he had to have a police report to provide to his bank. The caller parked in the friend’s driveway and was refusing to leave and accused him of theft. The friend told police the man was blocking his driveway and not letting him leave. Police told the man in the car to leave the driveway.

9:41 a.m.: A resident in the 2600 block of Dorset lane said their 2017 Subaru Forester had been taken sometime during the night. The resident said her wallet was in the vehicle and she realized it had been stolen when she received an alert that a credit card had been used in Oakland. The woman was checking surveillance videos to see if they had recorded the auto theft. A boy’s bicycle that was stolen was found and listed as recovered.

10:21 a.m.: A city employee reported a man speeding across Clyde Bland Park, 1753 Blandford Lane, in a beat-up green Ford pickup. The city worker said he tried to stop the man but he drove around him and into a homeless encampment, where he lost sight of him.

1:45 p.m.: A caller said they could hear a man and a woman arguing at a vacant home next to the Microtel Inn, 861 Clover Road, and they saw the man throw a bag of trash into the parking lot. Police sent the information to code enforcement officers.

5:54 p.m.: A recreational vehicle was reported to have been parked for three weeks in the parking lot near Tracy Dental Excellence, 2858 W. Grant Line Road. The caller said people were living in the RV and other cars were beginning to gather around it. The caller, who was associated with the dental office, said the business had been vandalized in the past and wanted the people in the RV to leave the area. Police checked and had them move along.

6:29 p.m.: A caller said an 8- to 10-year-old boy was driving a red Hyundai Elantra by himself on Pereira Avenue near Holly Drive. The caller said the car was going slowly and gave police the car’s license plate number. Police checked the registration and tracked the car down at the home. The boy’s grandmother admitted that she had let the boy drive the car. The officer spoke with the grandmother and the boy’s father, who had just arrived home.

8:15 p.m.: A woman said a man she didn’t know threatened to kill her husband after he asked to use a phone and was told no at their home on the 800 block of Colonial Drive. The woman said her husband was working in their front yard when the man approached them to use the phone. After they said no, the man punched a pickup truck and threw rocks at it. At one point, the woman said, the man grabbed her husband as he threatened to kill him. The man also hit a neighbor’s truck and was throwing flour and eggs at cars in the neighborhood. The caller and her husband waited inside their home for the police, who found the man across the street from their home and arrested him on suspicion of being drunk in public.


12:38 a.m.: A caller in the 700 block of Longfellow Street said his roommate pulled a knife on him. The roommate was allegedly yelling and screaming, and when the caller went to see what was wrong, the roommate said “I have a problem with you” and approached him with a large kitchen knife. The caller locked himself in a room and called the police. The caller said the roommate drinks every day. Police talked to the man, who said he had just woken up and was argumentative with officers and was eventually arrested.

1:19 a.m.: A car struck a light pole and a fire hydrant at Bridle Creek Circle and Joe Pombo Parkway. Three people got out and ran away while the car was still stuck on the hydrant. The fire department was called and the car was towed away. Police searched surrounding streets but couldn’t find anyone.

5:35 a.m.: Someone reported a car racing up and down Sycamore Parkway and doing doughnuts on Monument Drive. The person who called the police said the car was going so fast, he couldn’t give a good description of it.

11:11 p.m.: Police were called to Glover Park, 584 Pescadero Ave., for reports of homeless people sleeping on the playground. Police said the people left the park.

1:44 p.m.: A caller said a heavyset man was walking door to door on the 300 block of Eaton Avenue offering to clean carpets. The caller said the solicitor and another man walked toward Lincoln Park. Police talked with them and let them go.

3:52 p.m.: Three kids were seen skateboarding in the back parking lot of Central School, 200 W. Eaton Ave., and pulling on school doors. The caller, a member of the custodial staff, said he had left the school 30 minutes before and the kids were still there at that point. The skateboarders were gone when the police arrived.

4:08 p.m.: A caller said a man was attacking workers with a crowbar at La Costa, 240 E. 11th St. Two of the restaurant employees were holding the man down while the caller took the crowbar. Police arrested the man on suspicion of being drunk in public.

9:46 p.m.: Several callers reported gunfire on the 300 block of Simms Lane. They reported between seven and 10 gunshots fired. One caller said there was a man banging on their front door. A police officer checking to see if anyone was injured found rifle shell casings in a driveway. A gas leak was reported across the street from where the shell casings were found, and fire fighters and police officers evacuated some homes. Police sent calls to area hospitals to check for any gunshot victims, and a Sig Sauer 556 rifle was taken as evidence. No one was arrested.


12:27 a.m.: A security guard said someone tried to break into Salon Centric, 3214 W. Grant Line Road, and then ran to a car with no license plate and drove away. The person did not get into the building, and he said there was no damage.

3:17 a.m.: A resident on the 1500 block of Parker Avenue said he saw someone with a flashlight breaking into a neighbor’s car as he was leaving to go to work. He said there was broken glass around the car. 

5:34 a.m.: A caller said two men wearing medical masks and gloves were taking garbage cans from behind Sunset Liquors, 2355 Parker Ave. The caller said he could hear a thumping noise and didn’t know if they were trying to break into something. Police searched the area but couldn’t find them.

6:36 a.m.: The owner of West Valley Bowl, 2365 East Ave., said it looked like a window had been broken and two people wearing hoodies were inside. Police surrounded the bowling alley and found two people on the east side of the business. Officers checked to make sure no one else was inside and then cited two kids and released them to their parents.

9:16 a.m.: A woman called police to complain about a person who had been sleeping on the corner of Dove Drive and Sycamore Parkway. The caller said the person had taken over the gazebo at Gretchen Talley Park, taking down the caution tape around it, and was upset that the police department was allowing this person free rein in the park even though “regular people” were not allowed to use the park equipment. She said the person was a threat to her and the community and wanted to speak to a police officer.

3:35 p.m.: A cat was reported to be stuck in a storm drain near the Best Buy Distribution warehouse, 2300 Chabot Court. Someone had called earlier about the cat, but officers couldn’t hear the cat when they got there. This time, the dispatcher could hear the cat meowing in the background. Police called a public works crew to open the storm drain cover and an animal control officer to set a cat trap.

5:12 p.m.: Someone called and said a homeless man was walking east on Pescadero Avenue from MacArthur Drive with a sleeping bag over his shoulder and something heavy inside. “It looks like a dead body,” the caller told the dispatcher. Police checked and reported that the sleeping bag held all the man’s possessions and he was trying to make his way to Fresno.


12:13 a.m.: Employees at Chevron, 3400 N. MacArthur Drive said two boys stole beer from the store and then ran to a car. An employee who chased after the boys said the driver of the car shouted “She’s coming, shoot her.” One of the boys ran off wearing a gray hoodie while the car left northbound on MacArthur Drive.

4:51 a.m.: Police were called about a man who was kicking doors and throwing trash around on the 300 block of West Court. They arrested the man on suspicion of being drunk in public.

9:59 a.m.: A caller said someone stole all four tires off a 2018 Toyota Camry in his driveway in the 1200 block of Mamie Anderson Drive. He didn’t want to file an online report because he felt targeted and he wanted to speak to an officer.

3:27 p.m.: A woman became angry when the workers at Walmart, 3010 W. Grant Line Road, refused to sell her liquor because she was already intoxicated. The woman had three children with her and left the store. Police found the woman at her car, which her 17-year-old daughter was driving. Police said no crime had occurred and let them go.

5:21 p.m.: Police were called to the Tracy Transit Station parking lot near Fourth Street and Central Avenue for a group of people who had allegedly been drinking and partying there since Friday. The person who called the police said the group had been yelling, cursing and drinking near two cars in the parking lot. Police talked to four people and arrested one on suspicion of being drunk in public.

11:45 p.m.: A car was reported on fire in a field of Grant Line and Lammers road. Police and firefighters found that the Chrysler PT Cruiser that was on fire had been reported as stolen. Police told the registered owner their car had been found and called a tow truck.


12:456 a.m.: Three people with a white Ford SUV were in a fight at Fourth and West streets. Police stopped the SUV near Third and West streets and found that one of the people in the car had a traffic warrant from Belmont. Police told them to talk with the police in Belmont about the warrant and gave them a warning.

2:18 a.m.: Police received three calls about a loud party in a garage on the 100 block of Albert Court. The person who called was told that the police would only check it out if they were willing to sign a citizen's complaint.

9:41 a.m.: A caller said a man was walking around and exposing his genitals near the Boys & Girls Clubs of Tracy clubhouse on Lowell Avenue clubhouse. The man was last seen walking toward the pool at Dr. Powers Park.

12:27 p.m.: Two people were seen smoking meth in a glass pipe while sitting in a white Toyota Camry parked in the FoodMaxx parking lot, 1950 W. 11th St. The caller said the front license plate was on the dashboard. The car was gone when police arrived.

3:18 p.m.: Police were called about a man building a shelter in dumpsters in the 2300 block of Orchard Parkway. The caller wanted the man given a trespassing warning. Police found him and warned him.

4:42 p.m.: A 65-year-old man was found bleeding profusely from his head in an alley behind Sunset Liquors, 2355 Parker Ave. The man had been punched in the head several times and the suspect had left the area. The man was awake but refused to talk with police about who had beaten him up. Police checked surveillance video to see if it had captured the assault. The fire department was called to wash the blood away.

9:46 p.m.: A caller said there were cars gathering and someone had started a bonfire along the canal near the 5700 block of Promontory Parkway. The caller said there were about six cars and the bonfire the people had started was getting out of control and they needed the fire department. The caller showed the police a dirt road and the dead end of Promontory Parkway that led to the group with the bonfire. Police found four people who said they would leave and called the fire department to deal with a horse trailer on fire in high winds.


12:21 a.m.: Two men dressed all in black with black masks covering their faces were allegedly trying to break into a Honda Accord sedan in the area of Meadow Brook Lane and Paradise Valley Court. The caller was driving by and saw the men run north on Meadow Brook Lane. Police searched the area and couldn’t find them. About 40 minutes later, a caller said her husband and son were chasing three “kids” who had been trying to break into a pickup truck on the 3000 block of Corbett Lane. The husband was armed with a baseball bat and all three kids separated and jumped into different backyards. Police told the caller to tell her family to stop chasing the kids. At one point, one of the kids was thought to be hiding under a Ford Mustang. Police searched the area, including fields off Clover Road, but couldn’t find them.

5:09 a.m.: A caller said a woman wearing a mask was taking off her clothes, singing and making a lot of noise behind Auto Zone, 1122 W. 11th St. The woman was gone when police arrived.

4:57 p.m.: A clerk at Quik Stop, 1153 Lincoln Blvd., said someone was robbed at gunpoint by a man who got away in a Chrysler car. The clerk said it happened so fast, all he saw was a black cylindrical object underneath the man’s shirt pointing at the victim. The man got away with about $200, and police were given a license plate number for the getaway car. Police checked the video of the robbery and discovered at the car was registered to someone on parole for assault with a deadly weapon who matched the description of the robber. Police searched the area but couldn’t find him.

9:13 p.m.: A caller said a homeless man was bother customers outside Valley Wine, 2242 W. Grant Line Road. When the caller asked the man to leave, he allegedly brandished an iron rod and ran into the store. Police found the man and warned him to keep away from from the store.

10:32 p.m.: Someone on dark gray sport motorcycle was running stop lights and stop signs on 11th Street at a high rate of speed. The caller said the motorcycle rider might have been trying to bait police officers to start a chase. The motorcycle was last seen heading east on 11th street from Tracy Boulevard. The California High Patrol and county sheriff were told about the motorcycle rider.

April 9

12:35 a.m.:  Police responded to a burglar alarm at Michael’s, 2940 W. Grant Line Road, and found the rear door damaged but no clear sign that anyone had gone inside. Police called someone to come and board up the damaged door.

3:07 a.m.: Someone called police to report a white Chevrolet pickup doing doughnuts in the area of Fourth Street and Central Avenue. The truck ran up onto the curb and the man driving it appeared unable to move it. Police arrived and arrested the 20-year-old driver on suspicion of drunken driving and had his truck towed.

10:09 a.m.: Police went to the first block of East Seventh Street after a real estate agent arrived to find the front and back doors of a house open and things scattered all over the floor. Police searched the house and didn’t find anyone inside, and determined that squatters must have been in the house.

6:07 p.m.: Police got a call from San Joaquin General Hospital informing them that a person who had been in the intensive care unit since April 3, after being admitted following a car crash on Corral Hollow Road, had died. The driver of the car, which had fled from a California Highway Patrol officer on Interstate 580 before the crash, had died at the scene.

8:32 p.m.: A semi truck reportedly knocked down some traffic lights on Tracy Boulevard just north of Interstate 205. Police arrived and found two traffic signals in the gutter and part of the pole missing.

9:47 p.m.: A woman called police from the 1200 block of Wilson Avenue and said “There’s something on fire in front of my house!” Her cellphone connection was cut off so police couldn’t get any further information, but an officer arrived to find that a chair had been on fire at the location.

This column includes a sample of items as reported in the Tracy Police Department dispatcher’s daily log. Additional information is based on reports from officers and other law enforcement agencies. Charges may have been added or dropped as of press time, and all suspects are assumed innocent until proven guilty. To report information anonymously about a crime: Crime Stoppers, 831-6847.

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