Police went to the parking lot of Tracy City Hall, 333 Civic Center Drive, at 8:59 p.m. Tuesday after someone reported that a woman who was unresponsive and bleeding from a head injury was lying on the ground. She told police that she had been attacked and then pushed out of a car in the parking lot. Police called an ambulance to take her to San Joaquin General Hospital, and the fire department was called to wash away a large amount of blood on the ground.

On Wednesday at 5:56 p.m., police made a traffic stop on a car matching the description of the one that dumped the woman in the parking lot, and they arrested two people. A 22-year-old woman faces charges of false imprisonment, felony assault, conspiracy and driving without a license, and a 21-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of battery and conspiracy. They are in San Joaquin County Jail awaiting a Friday morning court hearing in Manteca.

Tracy police received 1,275 calls for service from Jan. 16 through Wednesday. The following is a sampling of those calls as they were documented in real time.


6:29 a.m.: Someone called and said that a homeless man was trying to get inside Brookdale Senior Living, 355 W Grant Line Road. Police had been called about the same man around 2:30 a.m., when he allegedly kept trying to get into the building through the front doors. The man spent the night sleeping in front of the building and the staff wanted him to leave. Police had him move along.

6:39 a.m.: Someone told police the windows of Taqueria La Mexicana, 1284 W. 11th St., had been smashed and an alarm was sounding. Police checked the building and said it looked like a cash register had been stolen. The alarm company called an employee to go to the building.

10:32 a.m.: A woman who had been evicted on the 1500 block of West Linne Road returned about an hour later and got into an argument. The caller said the woman had been in court earlier because of the eviction and was drunk and became combative with the bailiffs, who put her in a wrap. Police arrived and found that the woman had left.

1:48 p.m.: A physical education teacher at West High School, 1775 W. Lowell Ave., found seven students vaping cannabis in one of the locker rooms. A school resource officer conducted field sobriety tests and found that two of the students were under the influence of the drug. All discipline was to be handled by West High administrators.

3:17 p.m.: A man on a skateboard allegedly exposed himself to a customer at Best Buy, 2550 Naglee Road. An employee on a break also saw the man expose himself and saw him ride off through the parking lot toward Naglee Road. Police checked the area but couldn’t find him.

5:38 p.m.: A caller told the police someone who lived in the area of Beverly Place and Mae Avenue had an aggressive dog that had been charging at students and parents on their way to school. The caller said the dog was not on a leash and had already bitten someone. 

9:47 p.m.: Someone called the police about two homeless men who were yelling and keeping people from using the air pumps at the Shell station, 3725 N. Tracy Blvd. The caller said they refused to leave when they were asked. Police arrested one of the men on a warrant with several charges.


4:33 a.m.: A caller said there was a man with a bike and headlamp going through trunks of vehicles parked in the Motel 6 lot, 3810 N. Tracy Blvd. The last time the caller saw him, he was going through the bed of a small pickup. Police checked the area but the man had left.

8:03 a.m.: Someone asked for extra patrols near Williams Middle School, 1600 Tennis Lane, because people were making illegal U-turns in front of the school.

11:26 a.m.: Police were called to Tracy High School, 315 E. 11th St., where a student was reportedly being defiant after a fist fight. The person who called was trying to get the student to the front office after the fight. School resource officers arrived and searched the student in the parking lot and found a pellet gun, a lighter and a vape pen. School administrators disciplined the student.

12:30 p.m.: Employees at Target, 2800 Naglee Road, reported that someone had stolen $1,200 worth of laptop computer equipment. The store gave police the name of a suspect — a person who already had arrest warrants for grand theft and violation of parole. The suspect was not at the store when the police were called.

2:58 p.m. A car theft was reported by Enterprise Rent-A-Car, 2995 Naglee Road. The car, a 2020 Ford Fusion four-door sedan, was supposed to have been returned Dec. 9, but the renter never brought it back. Police were given the renter’s name and last known address, and they added the car to their list of stolen vehicles.

7:03 p.m.: A man called to complain about a man sleeping at the corner of the property where his grandmother’s house stands on the 1800 block of East Grant Line Road. The man was concerned because his grandmother was home alone, and he wanted the man removed from the property. The man was gone when police arrived.

7:59 p.m.: Police were told that about eight people in their late teens or early 20s, wearing masks, appeared to be breaking into a business at the corner of Grant Line and Corral Hollow roads. Someone at Great Clips called and said the walls were shaking as the group was yanking phones off the wall at the store next door. At one point, the group reportedly chased Great Clips employees back into their own business. Police planned file a report.


6:04 a.m.: A caller on the 200 block of Glenhaven Drive said a recreational vehicle pulled up in front of the house and man stepped out yelling for help because his arm was bleeding. The man said he had been attacked with a knife by a man in Veterans Park with a silver van. Police put a tourniquet on the man’s arm, and he was taken to the county hospital. Police searched Veterans Park and another nearby community park. They called a fire engine to wash down on the street, and the motorhome was towed away.

7:25 a.m.: A man was allegedly yelling and screaming racial slurs in front of Fresh Donuts, 1274 W. 11th St. A woman in the parking lot said the man approached her vehicle and she was afraid he was going to hurt her. Police found the man and talked to him and let him go.

11:14 a.m.: At Gretchen Talley Park, 1440 Dove Drive, a homeless man put up a sign of his own over the city park sign with his name and the fact that he was staying there. He told the police he wanted to make sure his friend would know he was there so they could visit. After talking with the police, he moved his sign to a nearby pole. An officer took a picture of the sign to send to the neighborhood resource officers.

12:39 p.m.: A caller at a business on the 3400 block of Mars Court asked for extra patrols after someone broke into a vehicle and siphoned gas out of the tank for the third time. The caller said the break-ins usually occurred on the weekends when the business was closed.

3:38 p.m.: Workers at Victoria’s Secret in the West Valley Mall, 3200 Naglee Road, said a man and a woman stole nearly $5,000 worth of merchandise from the store. The mall security staff did not know what type of vehicle they got away in.

8:10 p.m.: A man stole headlights worth $26 from O’Reilly Auto Parts, 3323 N. Tracy Blvd. The man ran out of the store and got into a pickup and headed east on Clover Road. Police checked the area but couldn’t find the man.

10:43 p.m.: Residents on the 1000 block of Traditions Street said someone pried open the doors of a Honda Accord and a Mazda 3. Perfume was taken out of one car and nothing was missing from the other. The owners didn’t want to file a report but asked for extra patrols in the area.


9:49 a.m.: Workers at Walmart, 3010 W. Grant Line Road, reported that a man was walking up to customers and threatening to punch them. They noted that the same man had been reported for similar activity the night before. He was gone before police could respond.

11:56 a.m.: Workers at Starbucks Coffee, 2459 Naglee Road, reported that two aggressive panhandlers were confronting customers in the drive-thru and became belligerent with employees when asked to leave. Police found one of them but did not make an arrest.

12:10 p.m.: A man reportedly walked out of Winco, 2850 Pavilion Parkway, with a cart full of groceries without paying and drove off. Another man associated with the first man stayed behind, but he too got into a car and drove off before police arrived.

3:49 p.m.: A person in the parking lot of Food Maxx, 1950 W. 11th St., called police to report that a man in a BMW had just run over a young girl, and the driver and the girl’s father were in an argument. Police arrived and talked to the driver and the father and learned that the child actually had not been run over. She was standing behind the car as it backed out of a parking space, and the father tapped on the car’s window to get the driver to stop.

6:39 p.m.: Police and an ambulance went to the parking lot of JCPenney, 3100 Naglee Road, after a woman was reportedly hit by a car. The woman complained of leg pain, and the driver stayed behind to talk to police.

6:56 p.m.: Tracy police responded to the intersection of Corral Hollow Road and Cypress drive after a Chrysler 300 flipped over and landed upside-down in a flood control ditch. Police helped a man get out of the car. He was not injured, but he was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. Two tow trucks were needed to pull the car from the ditch.

7:32 p.m.: Someone reported that a homeless man had just punched a worker at the Chevron station, 3775 N. Tracy Blvd. Police found a man matching the description of the assailant behind Denny’s and detained and searched him but did not arrest him.

7:56 p.m.: Someone at Food Maxx, 1950 W. 11th St., reported that a man pepper-sprayed a woman and then took her wallet. The man was last seen in a beige Toyota Camry heading south on Corral Hollow Road.

10:18 p.m.: A man on the 100 block of Pereira Avenue called police to report that his ex-girlfriend had just showed up at his house, pulled a gun on him, drank half a bottle from his whiskey collection and “forced herself” on him after demanding that he drive to a supermarket parking lot. She reportedly claimed that the gun was a “ghost gun” and that she “knows how to get away with crimes.” After talking to the man, police determined that his story was bogus, and he was arrested for making a false report of a crime.


6:11 a.m.: A woman called police from 7-Eleven, 455 W. Grant Line Road, to report that she had been raped nearby the night before, but she didn’t want to discuss details over the phone. Police looked in the area and didn’t find her. They also checked with Sutter Tracy Community Hospital, but there was no record of her visiting the hospital.

1:19 p.m.: Someone at Macy’s, 3200 Naglee Road, reported that five men grabbed about $2,000 worth of clothing and ran from the store. They left in a blue Ford Explorer that might have been used in a previous grab-and-run at another Macy’s store.

1:52 p.m.: A man on the 200 block of Christopher Michael Lane told police that a gold Nissan Maxima came around a nearby corner at 60 mph and ran up onto his neighbor’s lawn. The two men in the car got out briefly and then jumped back in the car and took off.

2:19 p.m.: Someone at Bank of America, 111 W. 10th St., reported that three people had forced a customer to cash a $5,000 check at the bank. The person told the police that they were in a car that police had pulled over about 50 minutes earlier and then released. The victim returned to the bank to meet with an officer, who took a report.

6:28 p.m.: A person on the 100 block of Manzanita Lane told police that a homeless man had built a campfire in the caller’s front yard and then got into a fight with the caller’s friend. Police arrived and found that the man was wanted on a warrant out of San Bernardino County, and he was cited and released.

7:03 p.m.: A woman reportedly banged on the door of a home on the 200 block of East Whittier Ave., and when the resident opened it, the woman pushed her way into the house and then lay down on the couch and refused to leave. Police arrested the 20-year-old woman, and used a full body wrap to take her into custody.

9:30 p.m.: Tracy police and San Joaquin County sheriff’s deputies responded to a report of shots fired near the intersection of 11th Street and Chrisman Road. A caller said that six men were in a fight near a taco truck when three shots were fired. The men were gone when police arrived. Nobody was hit by gunfire, and the shots were most likely fired into the air.


10:28 a.m.: People called police to report that there was a lot of mud on Corral Hollow Road between Linne Road and the Tracy Hills development, and it was making the road dangerous to drive on as motorists tried to maneuver around it. Police and the public works department set up barriers to direct traffic safely around the mud until it could be cleaned off the pavement.

1:52 p.m.: Someone at Walmart, 3010 W. Grant Line Road, reported that a man had been in and out of the store all day and had been told to leave. The man reportedly rammed a car with a shopping cart and then started yelling at customers in the store. He was gone when police arrived.

2 p.m.: Tracy police were informed that Fremont police were following a black BMW, which had allegedly been taken at gunpoint in a carjacking in Fremont, on 11th Street at Corral Hollow Road, and the car had pulled into in the drive-thru at the nearby McDonald’s. Police stopped the car in the parking lot of Perko’s at 11th Street and Lincoln Boulevard and detained four people, who were turned over to Fremont police, as was the BMW.

2:34 p.m.: A man called police from El Pescadero Park, and said that another man hit him in the head with a two-by-four. Police called an ambulance for the victim and then learned that the fight was over the victim’s wife staying in another man’s tent at the park and that the wife assisted in the assault. Police talked to people at the scene but did not arrest anyone.

3:12 p.m.: Police received multiple calls about a fight involving 30 to 50 people near the gazebo at Lincoln Park, 170 E. Eaton Ave., with about 10 people fighting and everyone else watching. There were no people fighting when police arrived, but there were a lot of people running away.

9:38 p.m.: A woman driving a Honda Civic told police that someone crashed into her car at the intersection of 11th Street and Lincoln Boulevard and then drove off. She said her car was smoking as a result, but it did not catch fire. Police got a description of the suspect car and called a tow truck for the Honda.

Jan. 16

12:04 a.m.: A caller who had been watching an offsite video feed told the police that people had been sitting in a parked Chevy Silverado behind a day care center on the 2200 block of North Tracy Blvd. for more than an hour. The people in the truck didn’t leave when the caller talked to them using a security system speaker. Police found the truck and gave them a warning.

4:09 a.m.: A resident on the 100 block of East 20th Street said there was a man he didn’t know smoking marijuana in his house. He wasn’t sure whether his girlfriend had let the man in, but he thought the man might be drunk and asked him to leave. The man reportedly replied that he had nowhere to go. The police said the resident was served with a civil harassment order.

7:20 a.m.: A man told the staff at the Sutter Tracy Community Hospital emergency room that he had been stabbed in the chest at a party the night before. The man said he got into a fight at the party, went home and woke up the next morning with chest pain, which was when he discovered the stab wound and took himself to the emergency room. He knew the party was in Tracy but didn’t know the address.

10:47 a.m.: Someone called and said a man was smoking crack outside Grant Line Vet, 332 W. Grant Line Road. The caller wanted to talk to an officer. The man was gone when the police arrived at 11:13 a.m.

2:41 p.m.: A man went to the police station to report that he was the victim of a scam. He said he had deposited $1,860 into an account at Bank of America as a deposit for a vehicle, and since then, he hadn’t been able to reach the person selling the vehicle. He said the bank wanted him to file a report with the police.

4:15 p.m.: Police surrounded a house on the 1200 block of Walnut Street as they tried to serve an arrest warrant for animal cruelty. The man named on the warrant wouldn’t come out of the house, and officers sent in a police dog that found him hiding in a crawl space under the home.

11:38 p.m.: A resident on the 500 block of Havenwood Court said there was a dog in a neighbor’s yard that had been consistently barking for the past few weeks. Police talked to the owner of the dog, who said the dog had been barking because a fox was trying to get their chickens. The owner planned to take steps to keep the dog quiet.

This column includes a sample of items as reported in the Tracy Police Department dispatcher’s daily log. Additional information is based on reports from officers and other law enforcement agencies. Charges may have been added or dropped as of press time, and all suspects are assumed innocent until proven guilty. To report information anonymously about a crime: Crime Stoppers, 831-6847.

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