Ransom and Young

The latest ballot count in San Joaquin County shows little change in local races, with those candidates who held leads as of last Wednesday still on a pace to win their respective contests.

The San Joaquin County Registrar of Voters reports that voter turnout so far is 50.88% in the county, with 186,155 ballots counted out of 365,839 registered voters. Registrar of Voters Melinda Dubroff said that it will still be a couple of weeks before the vast majority of ballots received will be counted. The county elections office must complete the count and certify the vote by Dec. 3.

The results so far include all of the mail-in ballots that the elections office had received prior to Oct. 31 and all ballots that voters cast in person on Election Day, Nov. 3, at voter service centers. Results also include some mail-in and drop-off ballots received since Oct. 31.

Last week the election office reported that it expected a 75% voter turnout, representing nearly 274,000 voters, meaning there could be more than 87,000 more ballots left to count. Dubroff noted that the rate of the count could slow down as the elections office receives duplicate and provisional ballots.

Though late ballots have the potential to affect local races, candidates who led their contests on Nov. 4, the day after Election Day, continue to hold those leads.

The race for San Joaquin County Supervisor, District 5, is still close as Tracy City Councilwoman Rhodesia Ransom maintains her lead with 22,560 votes (51.87%), 3,392 more than she had last Wednesday. Tracy Mayor Robert Rickman made small gains in the past week. Rickman now has 20,933 votes (48.13%), putting him 1,627 votes behind Ransom, compared to last Wednesday when he trailed by 1,787 votes.

Tracy Mayor Pro Tem Nancy Young maintains her lead over her closest challenger, Councilman Dan Arriola. Young gained 1,400 votes since last Wednesday and has 35.84% of the vote in the mayoral election. Arriola gained 1,118 votes since then and has 30.79% of the vote.

In the race for two Tracy City Council seats, both Eleassia Davis and Mateo Bedolla maintain their leads, with Davis extending her lead to 16.08% of the vote, gaining 1,169 votes since last Wednesday for a total of 8,693. Bedolla gained 1,080 votes (15.52%) and keeps an 898-vote lead over third-place Amrik Wander (5,387, 13.30%).

The race for Mountain House Community Services District’s three seats still favors two longtime incumbents. Andy Su maintains his substantial lead over all others with 2,551 votes (24.91%). Fellow incumbent Bernice King Tingle gained 302 votes since last Wednesday for 17.24% of the vote, and Harry Dhillon maintains third place with 1,621 votes (15.83%) after gaining 293 votes since last Wednesday. The closest challenger, Raghu Malapaka, gained 196 votes since last week for a total of 1,225 (11.96%).

Ana Blanco extended her lead as the top candidate for the Tracy Unified School District Board of Education. She has 11,220 votes (18.31%), 1,872 more than last Wednesday. Nathalia Hughes Erskine maintains second place with 9,899 votes, and Zachary Hoffert gained 1,555 votes (9,707 total votes, 15.84%) and extended his lead for the third-place seat, leading incumbent Jeremy Silcox (8,777 votes, 14.32%), by 930 votes.

The race for three seats on the Lammersville Joint Unified School District Board of Education remains unchanged, with challenger Stephanie Olson still in the lead (3,002 votes, 30.77%), incumbent David Pombo in second place (2,802 votes, 28.72%) and incumbent Anne Bonilla in third (2,623 votes, 13.32%). Challenger Ephelius Cornelious (1,299 votes, 13.32%) is 1,324 votes behind Bonilla.

Teresa Brown maintains the lead to maintain her seat on the San JoaquinDeltaCollege, Trustee Area 6, with 18,409 votes (52.6%) versus 15,069 votes (46.02%) for challenger Casey Goodall.

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