The report delivered Tuesday morning to San Joaquin County supervisors outlining the value of the county’s agricultural industry to the total economy has received a positive response so far, reported County Ag Commissioner Tim Pelican.

“The report underscored the importance of agriculture, not only in terms of its generation of income, but on its impact on so many other segments of the county’s economy,” he noted.

After delivering a report to the board of supervisors on the analysis of the total ag economic contributions contained in the study, co-author Jeff Langholz appeared before the San Joaquin Farm Bureau Federation to discuss elements of the report, which was based on a study by Agricultural Impact Associates, a consulting firm.

The farm bureau reaction was quite favorable, since one of its missions is informing the general public of the importance of the county’s diverse ag economy, Pelican said.

“During these uncertain economic times, it’s important to better understand how and where agriculture contributes to our economy and to local employment,” he said.

Key findings in the words of the study:

• Of the $5.732 billion in total economic contribution to the county, $3.979 billion came from direct economic output via production and processing, representing 7.1% of the county’s total direct economic output, about $1 out of every $14.

• An additional $1.753 billion came from multiplier effects, including purchase of agricultural supplies and spending by employees.

• Of 33,737 total jobs, agriculture directly supported 29,986 employees in production and processing. This represents 9.0% of all county employment, about one out of every 11 jobs. The remaining 3,751 jobs were made possible through expenditures by agriculture companies, their suppliers and employees.

• With a diversification index of 0.63, agriculture’s level of economic resiliency in San Joaquin County is quite high compared with other California counties, and provides critical economic stability to the industry and county.

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