Tracy Unified School District announced Rob Pecot as its next superintendent in a press release on Wednesday. Pecot currently serves as the district’s Associate Superintendent for Businesses Services and will be taking the helm as superintendent after current Superintendent Brian Stephens retires at the end of next school year.

“I am very excited to announce that Dr. Pecot has been selected as the next

superintendent of Tracy Unified starting July, 2022. His background, experience and

education has prepared him to be successful in this position,” said Stephens.

TUSD’s Board of Trustees officially approved Pecot’s contract at its last board meeting on Tuesday. The motion passed 5-2, with trustees Ana Blanco and Zachary Hoffert dissenting, citing issues with the language of the contract.

Pecot has been with TUSD since 2014, when he served as principal at Kimball High School. In 2018, Pecot wwas named as TUSD’s Director of Student Services and Curriculum. He was selected as associate superintendent in July 2020, where he helped the district work through the administrative challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, such as navigating through the various grants that the district received this year.

“It's just an honor to be selected and be able to serve in a community that’s as great as Tracy's. And I'm going to do my best to work on the behalf of students and, and parents and staff and try and make Tracy educationally the best place that can be,” said Pecot.

Pecot earned his Doctorate in Organizational Leadership through Grand Canyon University. He received his administrative services credential from National University, a master’s degree in educational science from University of La Verne, a second master’s degree in interdisciplinary studies/communication from CSU Stanislaus, and his bachelor’s in organizational communications, also from CSU Stanislaus.

Before working with TUSD, Pecot served in other administrative positions, including as an assistant principal, college coordinator/counselor, athletic director, director of the 21st Century Grant program, director of student activities and academic advisor.

He will be working with Stephens, who announced his retirement earlier this year, for the duration of his time at TUSD to get ready to transition in the new role. Pecot said he’s always trying to learn from as many people as possible and thinks he can learn a thing or two from Stephen’s nearly 40 years of experience.

“I'll take advantage of him being there and try and learn as much as possible for sure – about people about programs about policy. I never say no to someone that is willing or offering to help you,” said Pecot.

He hopes to apply what he learns this year, along with his own experiences in his new role as superintendent and plans to use open communication with the Tracy community as one of his strategies.

“I'm definitely going to listen to what people have to say and not to jump to any conclusions. I don't think do you want to change things just to change things, but you don't want to keep things the same that are not working,” said Pecot. “So try and get out there and talk to as many people as possible – staff, parents, students – and see that what we can change for the better, and to see what we can keep the same. I mean, obviously, with COVID has changed things and will continue to change the way we do business. Technology is ever changing.”

Pecot said the COVID-19 pandemic really highlighted the importance to work together with district staff, parents and students and how imperative it is to be able to adapt to ever-changing conditions as a team. As much of a struggle the pandemic has caused, Pecot said he also witnessed great resilience that showed the strength in the Tracy community. He will apply these lessons moving forward.

“We want to keep employee relations very high, as well as community relations,” said Pecot. “We want the community to be proud of the schools that they're sending their students to. So all of those will be things that we're working on.”

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