Tracy residents voted on three measures this year, including two cannabis-related measures and a downtown development measure. Those living in the Banta area had an additional measure to vote on that would form a new unified school district.

Due to a record voting turnout, the San Joaquin County Registrar of Voters has not finalized the election results. This is how the local measures are doing so far.

Measure V

As of Thursday, Measure V holds a 71.72% “Yes” vote, with 710 ballots recorded, and a 28.28% “No” vote, with 280 ballots recorded.

Banta Unified School District Measure V would unite Banta Elementary School and a portion of Tracy Unified School District to form a new Banta Unified School District with a five-member board of education trustees. This would result in a new high school being built in Lathrop’s River Islands area, where students currently commute to West High School.

Measure V needs a simple majority vote to pass.

Measure W

As of Thursday, Measure W holds a 65.5% “Yes” vote, with 12,072 ballots recorded, and a 34.5% “No” vote, with 6,359 ballots recorded.

If passed, the City of Tracy’s Measure W would adopt an ordinance that would impose a general tax on cannabis businesses, including hemp, that would go toward the city’s general fund. The city estimates $350,000 to $750,000 of tax revenue that would go toward services like public safety, public works, parks and community services. Measure W needs 50% of the majority vote plus one to pass.

As of last month, Tracy has received a total of 41 applications for cannabis-related businesses, including 31 for storefront retail.

Measure X

As of Thursday, Measure X holds a 66.1% “Yes” vote, with 90,441 ballots recorded, and a 33.9% “No” vote, with 46,390 ballots recorded.

Similar to Measure W, the County’s Measure X would adopt an ordinance that would impose a special tax on commercial cannabis businesses in unincorporated San Joaquin County. Revenue collected from this tax would go toward supporting early childhood education and youth programs and promoting public health, homeless mitigation and enforcement of cannabis laws.

The county estimates an annual revenue stream of $250,000. The measure needs two-thirds approval from voters in order to pass.

Measure Y

As of Thursday, Measure Y holds a 46.69% “Yes” vote, with 8,488 ballots recorded, and a 53.31% “No” vote, with 9,692 ballots recorded.

If passed, Measure Y would enable the city of Tracy to adopt an ordinance that would exempt development projects within a half-mile of a commuter or passenger rail station from the city’s Growth Management Ordinance, given that 10% of dwelling units be affordable to residents bringing home a median income of about $88,000 per year. This would also give transit-oriented development priority for the city’s allocation of building permits.

Measure Y needs 50% of the majority vote plus one to pass.

The San Joaquin County Registrar of Voters anticipates all ballots will be counted by Dec. 3.

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