LLNS grant winners

Librarian Jamie Turner (right) and Tiffanie Heben, president of Tracy Friends of the Library, accepted a $3,000 grant Nov. 14 from Bill Goldstein, president of Lawrence Livermore National Security LLC.

Tracy Friends of the Library received $3,000 to buy STEAM materials for the Tracy Branch Library as part of the Lawrence Livermore National Security Community Gift Program.

The annual program gave $150,000 in grants to nonprofits across the Tri-Valley area and in San Joaquin, Contra Costa and San Francisco counties at a reception in November.

Tracy Friends of the Library plans to spend its grant money on books, videos and hands-on educational materials in science, technology, engineering, the arts and math. Librarian Jamie Turner recommended focusing on some of the youngest library users: children in pre-kindergarten through second grade.

“The books and materials provided by the grant will help spark an interest in science for young children in our community,” TFOL President Tiffanie Heben said. “It’s great that LLNS looks beyond its immediate location to help build STEAM programs in surrounding cities.”

People interested in joining or learning more about Tracy Friends of the Library, a nonprofit that supports the local library, can email Heben at alcala.heben@comcast.net.

Two local schools also received grants. At Tracy High School, the grant will help foster “a positive, safe environment that prepares students to successfully navigate a global community using 21st century skills.” Altamont School in Mountain House will put its grant toward a lab program called “Our Minds Can Make It Bigger and Better!” and the expansion of an after-school “Femineers” program.

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