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Last week’s Remember When mystery photo showed two service station attendants standing next to a sign advising motorists of the limited availability of gasoline in May 1979.

A major shortage of gasoline continued for most of 1979 and into 1980. The shortage of gas was caused by a decrease in Mideast oil production following the Iranian Revolution.

In the photo, Bob Baldwin, left, manager of Jim Meservy’s Chevron station at the foot of the Altamont Pass, and attendant Steve Thomas stand by a “NO GAS” sign at the station, which because it was in Alameda County was the first in the Tracy area to adopt the “odd or even” system of rationing gas. The last digit of a car’s license plate determined whether its owner could buy gas on odd or even days.

Today’s mystery photo, below, shows student leaders at a local school in September 1988. Who were they, what were they leading and where?

From the Archives

If you know the answer or can’t wait until next week to get it, email Sam Matthews at or call 830-4234.

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