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School carpentry club rebuilds unsafe porch

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Once upon a time, most children and grandkids lived near Grandma and Grandpa. When Grandpa passed, Grandma usually had family nearby to help her with the repairs and maintenance around her home.

Nowadays, roughly 14% of the U.S. population moves each year. Even in a smaller city like Tracy, where many families go back several generations, many grandmas don’t have someone around to help them keep up the house so they can continue to live in their own home with all its memories.

But that’s only part of the story.

When Judy Jones asked the Tracy Seniors Association for some help repairing her dilapidated back porch with its unsafe stairs, the association’s assessment confirmed that it was beyond repair and needed replacement.

Serendipity stepped up in the form of Michael Serna, the instructor for the Carpenter Club at Delta Charter High School. His students wanted some community projects to work on and the JustServe.com volunteer website noted that Tracy Seniors Association was looking for handymen to help seniors.

Serna examined the porch project and deemed it to be within the scope of his club. Tracy Seniors Association funded the necessary supplies and the Delta Charter Carpenter Club went to work.

By the end of a Saturday, under Serna’s guidance, the students had removed the old porch and built a new and safe back porch with steps and handrails. The students gained some valuable construction skills that may help as they look for jobs in the future. Jones was elated not only by the beautiful work that gave her access to her clothesline, but also by knowing there are still people who care about helping others.

This week’s contributor is Cindy Gustafson, president of Tracy Seniors Association.

Tracy Seniors Association is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that helps install safety equipment and complete one-time safety projects in and around the homes of low-income senior citizens so they can remain safely in their homes and age in place with dignity.

To learn more, email tracyseniorsassociation@gmail.com, call 815-1101 or go to www.tracyseniorsassn.com.

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