A Tracy High School senior had the highest individual score at San Joaquin County’s 39th annual Academic Decathlon.

Kevin Truong, this year’s top scoring decathlete, brought home $1,500 in scholarships along with seven medals. He placed second overall last year.

The Tracy High team placed third overall in Division 1 and came in second in the Super Quiz, a live quiz event that caps the two-weekend competition.

This year’s theme, “In Sickness and In Health: An Exploration of Illness and Wellness,” was reflected in each of the decathlon’s 10 events: an essay, an interview, prepared and impromptu speeches, and multiple-choice tests in art, economics, literature, mathematics, music, science, and social science.

In all, 268 students from 13 high schools participated in the competition. Each school could enter a single nine-person team in Division I, made up of three students in each of three GPA ranges: varsity, up to 2.99; scholastic, 3.0-3.74; and honors, 3.75 and up.

Millennium High School had two of the top scorers in the varsity category. Guadalupe Gomez Sanchez, a Millennium senior, had the highest score and received a $500 scholarship, and senior Aiden Dowell was third and took home $100.

Additional teams competed in Division 2, and some students competed individually as alternates.

Jacqueline Prawira from Mountain House High School was the top-scoring alternate. She also won three medals.

The Division 1 team winner was Middle College High School, which will represent the county at the state competition next month in Sacramento.

Division 1

Tracy High School

Kevin Truong—Top scoring Division 1 decathlete. First, top overall score in Division 1 honors. First, art. First, language/literature. Second, math. First, music. First, science. Second (tie), social science. Second, speech.
Alisonn Remollino—First, essay.
Faith Remollino—Second, essay. Second, speech.
Prince Javier—Third (tie), interview.
Jewel Rodriguez-Ellsworth—Second, interview.
Pranav Jayakumar—Third, language/literature. First, music. Third (tie), science. First, speech.
Fernando Torres—Third (tie), music,

Millennium High School

Guadalupe Gomez Sanchez— First, top overall score in Division 1 varsity. First, art. Second, essay. Second, math. Second, science. First, social science.
Aiden Dowell— Third, top overall score in Division 1 honors. First, essay.

Kimball High School

Kayla Andrews—First, interview. First, speech.
Kian Zululeta—Third, math.

West High School

Hadeel Abdul—Third, math.
Gurjot Singh—First (tie), math.

Division 2

Millennium High School

Adriel Alvis—First, interview.
Alondra Camarena—Third, interview. First, science. Third, speech.
Jonathan Gomez—First, social science. Second, speech.
Valeria Fernandez—Third, speech.
Mateo Ruiz—Second, music.
Anthony Souza—Third, economics. First, interview. Third (tie), music. First, speech.

Division A (Alternates)

Mountain House High School

Jacqueline Prawira—Top scoring alternate. Second, art. Third (tie), language/literature. Second, science
Erin Su—Second, essay. Third, music.
Isaac Anchanattu—Second (tie), math.

If you have news for Accolades, send it to tpourtown@tracypress.com or drop off a note at the Tracy Press, 95 W. 11th St., Ste. 101.

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