Students put their vocabulary skills to the test in the annual Tracy Unified School District spelling bee Friday at Williams Middle School.

They competed in two divisions: fourth through sixth grades and seventh through ninth grades. The younger students spelled their words aloud on stage, while the older group sat at tables and spelled words on paper.

Arshaan Nijjer, a fifth grader from South/West Park Elementary School, spelled “trauma” and “lilac” to win the elementary spelling bee out of a field of 25 spellers.

Arshaan will represent the school district in the San Joaquin County Spelling Bee along with three other top finishers:

• Lawrevell Villanueva, second place, a Jacobson Elementary School fifth grader.

• Armando Martin, third place, a Williams sixth grader.

• Mark Ethan Ramos, fourth place, a Kelly School sixth grader.

In the junior division, Kobra Mohammadi, an eighth grader at Monte Vista Middle School, spelled “bambino” and “pyre” to take first place among 17 competitors.

Kobra and three other top spellers from TUSD will represent the school district in the junior division county spelling bee:

• Sabeeh Khan, second place, a seventh grader at Poet-Christian School.

• Kyle Lu, third place, an eighth grader at Monte Vista Middle School.

• Lara Ticsay, fourth place, a Kimball High School freshman.

TUSD’s top four spellers in the elementary division will compete in a countywide written elimination round Dec. 2. that is not open to the public. The top 15 spellers will move on to compete in the county finals, an oral competition, which will begin at 3 p.m. Dec. 4 at the San Joaquin County Office of Education Wentworth Education Center, 2707 Transworld Drive, in Stockton.

The fourth through sixth grade spelling bee will be immediately followed by the seventh through ninth grade spelling bee.

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