"Fork Inversion"

Mike Hodge’s picture “Fork Inversion” won top honors as the Tracy Camera Club’s Photo of the Month for June.

Mike Hodge’s picture “Fork Inversion,” a photo of a fork reflected in a spoon, won top honors as the Tracy Camera Club’s Photo of the Month for June.

The contest theme was Macro and Hodges wanted to take something unique.

“I wanted to do something that wasn’t the normal macro subject, so thoughts of an inverted fork reflection on the back of a spoon came to mind,” Hodges said.

He used a fork, a spoon and additionally had an Air Fryer basket turned upside down for the fork to rest on.

Orange and blue construction paper was placed under the basket for reflective color. Two small LED light cubes were placed behind and underneath to light the scene with one more light cube placed about six inches above and behind.

He used a Canon EOS 90D with a Sigma 24-70 mm f2.8 Art Lens at 70 mm with a 10 mm extension tube to capture the image with an exposure of two seconds at f10 with an ISO of 100.

The winning image is a six-shot focus stack processed in photo editing software Adobe Lightroom.

Hodges said one challenging part of creating the image was getting the spoon to rest in the right spot on the fork. He eventually used a small amount of reusable tack putty to keep the spoon in place on the fork.

Hodges looks forward to finding new ways to capture everyday items in a unique light.

“What inspires me is taking common items and combining them into an artistic image, providing the viewer a totally new perspective, by utilizing items around the house that make the viewer say, ‘Well that’s cool, what is it?’” Hodges said. “Using kitchen items is interesting because they provide great unique shapes and textures: silverware, basket strainers, cutting blades, cheese graters, fryer baskets, bottle caps, etc. as well as things from the garage like nails and washers, can create some unique images.”

The Tracy Camera Club has members ranging from beginner to advanced and professional. New members are welcome to join, and more information can be found about the club at http://www.tracycameraclub.org.

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