At 4:40 a.m. on Saturday Tracy police officers were called to the AM-PM min mart, 3425 N. Tracy Boulevard for a report of a suspicious person. When officers arrived they found a woman suffering from a serious head injury.

A 47-year-old man was located nearby and refused to obey commands from police officers. The man was tased once and taken into custody.

The woman was taken to an area hospital and though police say she suffered a significant injury she is expected to survive.

The man and he was booked into the San Joaquin County Jail on charges of second-degree robbery, threatening crime with intent to terrorize, use of a deadly weapon, aggravated mayhem, and causing great bodily injury with brain injury/paralysis. He is being held without bail and his next scheduled court appearance is Tuesday. The police investigation into the incident is ongoing.

Tracy police received 1,376 calls for service from May 19 through Wednesday. The following is a sampling of those calls as they were documented in real time.


12:00 a.m.: A vehicle was reported stolen from the 1800 block Alegre Drive.

5:21 a.m.: A caller in the 1500 block of Jennifer Way complained about “loud talking” coming from inside a house. Police told the caller they can’t tell people to be quiet in their own home and would have an officer explain the situation.

6:11 a.m.: Tires were stolen off a 2018 Toyota Camry in the 2900 block of North Tracy Boulevard.

8:32 a.m.: A 2021 Ford Mustang Velocity was stolen from the 800 block of Lourence Drive.

5:17 p.m.: A driver in an alley near the 100 block of West 10th Street said man tried to carjack them, running towards the vehicle with a knife screaming to get out of the car. The driver left the area unharmed.

7:59 p.m.: A man was in the bathroom of MacDonalds, 1857 W. 11th Street, for the past 3 hours refusing to leave. The caller said the man opened the door when she knocked but closed it as soon as she walked away.


7:16 a.m.: A caller in the 2700 block of Pavilion Parkway said a roommate stole some of her boxes as she was moving out.

7:23 a.m.: A catalytic converter was stolen from a vehicle in the 500 block of Jill Drive.

11 a.m.: A caller in the 600 block of West Street said an former friend had hacked all of his accounts and he had already made a report with the FBI.

11:39 a.m.: A homeless woman was knocking over trash cans, planters and was yelling at people in the 200 block of East Grant Line Road.

3:57 p.m.: A resident in the 600 block of Bengal Lane said someone threw a hammer over their fence hitting a patio screen. The caller said it came from a neighbor’s residence and they were having an ongoing problem with a kid who lived there.

4:08 p.m.: A caller in the 1700 block of Treehaven Lane said a 16-year-old neighbor pulled a handgun out of his pocket. The caller said there was a history of the teen trying to break into a vehicle.

5:42 p.m.: A gray 2010 Infinity was stolen from the ACE train parking lot, 4800 S. Tracy Boulevard. The caller said early last week all four of the vehicle’s tires had been stolen and the vehicle left on blocks. The caller had made arrangements to leave the car at the train station until his insurance replaced the wheels. The car was still there in the morning when he got on the train but was missing when he got off.

9:55 p.m. Three men were throwing rocks at the window of a home in the 2500 block of Remy Cantos Drive. The caller said the men said racist comments before throwing the rocks which left scratches on the glass.


12:59 a.m.: Someone complained about people being loud and drinking on a balcony at an apartment in the 2600 block of Henley Parkway.

9:16 a.m.: A caller in the 400 block of East 10th Street said someone fraudulently bought a vehicle from a dealership using a fake ID.

10:42 a.m.: A man was doing drugs inside the bathroom at Starbucks, 2453 Naglee Road, and after being asked to leave he continued walking around the front of the store, refusing to leave.

3:08 p.m.: A resident in the 2100 block of Calhoun Court said someone wired $60,000 from their account.

3:34 p.m.: A silver 2011 Ford Escape with black rims was stolen from the 500 block of East Grant Line Road.

5:08 p.m.: A backpack and cell phone were stolen from a car in the Chipotle Mexican Grill parking lot, 2512 Naglee Road.

7:04 p.m.: A caller in the 800 block of Palm Circle said someone was sending them texts of dead bodies covered in blood and accusing them of having an affair. The person sending the text threatened to come over and kill the caller and told police they knew personal information.

8:46 p.m.: A man was inside Panda Express, 2441 Naglee Road, flashing body parts at employees. The man was last seen at the rear of the building walking toward a gas station.


12:55 a.m.: Police gave a warning for loud music to the residents of a home in the 1200 block of Traditions Street.

4:42 a.m.: A caller in the 2800 block of North Tracy Boulevard reported hearing one gunshot.

8:48 a.m.: A 2015 Lexus GS 350SIL was stolen sometime during the night from the 1600 block of North Tracy Boulevard.

12:32 p.m.: The driver of a black Mercedes sedan was reportedly driving recklessly on northbound Corral Hollow Road, weaving through traffic and driving fast.

12:57 p.m.: The owner of a business in the 800 block of West 11th Street said her employees called to say someone stole from the business and when they approached the suspect they tried run over the employees with their vehicle.

2:53 p.m.: An employee at a business in the 300 block of West Grant Line Road said a coworker charged at her holding a knife.

6:51 p.m.: Three gunshots were heard coming from the 200 block of West Street.

7:09 p.m.: A caller in the 3200 block of Auto Plaza Way said it looked like someone was under a truck possibly trying to steal a catalytic converter.

7:19 p.m.: About 20 people were reported in a fight at West Valley Mall, 3200 Naglee Road, in a parking lot near the old Sears building.

9:20 p.m.: A white Hyundai van was driving recklessly, swerving across the lanes on West Valpico Road.


12:54 a.m.: Police gave a warning to residents playing loud music in the 1900 block of Calafia Court.

1:22 a.m.: A man was sitting in front of Wells Fargo Bank, 1900 W. 11th Street, refusing to leave and becoming defensive toward a security guard.

7:06 a.m.: A construction site in the 7200 block of Diamond Avenue reported pallets of material worth about $2,000 were stolen.

10:47 a.m.: A man in the 1200 block of Cherry Blossom Lane told police he believed he was being scammed after he was supposed to get paid by someone through a Zelle account, only to find that the transaction had been put on hold.

10:53 a.m.: A woman in the 1400 block of Sunrise Court said she came home from vacation and found damage to window screens and a garage door. She wasn’t sure if the home was burglarized or if anything was missing.

1:26 p.m.: A gray Toyota van was broken into in the 1500 block of Franklin Court.

1:30 p.m.: A resident in the 400 block of East Sixth Street said someone just threw a rock at their 2018 Ford Expedition.

5:24 p.m.: A lime green Dodge Challenger was seen speeding and tailgating on West Grant Line Road.

10:24 p.m.: Someone complained about an ongoing problem with loud music coming from a home on Jasmine Court.

10:52 p.m.: A caller said a driver in a gray Nissan Altima was swerving across the road and might be intoxicated.


12:22 a.m.: A caller said they were the victim of a hit and run in the 1500 block of Whispering Wind Drive.

7:54 a.m.: A caller in the 1300 block of Montauban Street said their daughter was at their home with her boyfriend who was homeless. The caller said they were not supposed to be there, and the couple might be on drugs or alcohol.

11:59 a.m.: Someone reported an object on the lanes of Interstate 205 near North MacArthur Drive. Police transferred the call to the California Highway Patrol.

1:31 p.m.: A resident in the 1200 block of Valencia Drive complained about a minivan parked in the area with an alarm that has been going off intermittently at night for the past three months. The caller wanted police to contact the residents where the van was parked and tell them about the alarm.

1:57 p.m.: Someone stole the charity donation boxes from a business in the 800 block of West 11th Street and left on a bicycle.

3:46 p.m..: A homeless person was throwing water bottles at cars on North Tracy Boulevard near the Interstate 205 overpass.

3:59 p.m.: A homeless man stole items from a store in the 300 block of West Grant Line Road. The caller said he steals items from the store every three days.

5:29 p.m. The rear license plate was stolen from a vehicle in the 2400 block of Naglee Road.

9:39 p.m.: A caller in the 300 block of Naglee Road reported gunshots and the dispatcher could hear a fight in the background.

May 19

7:09 a.m.: A job site in the 3500 block North MacArthur Drive had been burglarized.

8:37 a.m.: A caller in the 300 block of Glenbrook Drive said their daughter’s boyfriend came to the house with a key to her vehicle, got in and damaged the ignition.

1:21 p.m.: A resident in the 700 block of Manzanita Lane said someone was playing music with bass so loud it was making their house vibrate for the last 2 hours.

3:09 p.m.: A mailbox was broken into in the 2800 block of North Tracy Boulevard and credit cards were stolen. The caller said their stolen credit card was used at 7-11 in the 400 block of Grant Line Road.

3:40 p.m.: A jewelry case was broken into at Walmart, 3010 W. Grant Line and a surveillance video may be able to identify the suspects.

3:54 p.m.: The Manteca Police department told Tracy police they had four people in custody with stolen merchandise from the Ross store, 2483 Naglee Road. Tracy police were asked to make a report and collect any video footage from the store.

5:42 p.m.: A man in the 2900 block of West Lowell Avenue told police that someone claiming to be from Pacific Gas & Electric Co. called him and said he was due for a refund, so the man gave the person his debit card number and other information.

7:26 p.m.: Someone complained about “a ton” of bicyclists in the roadway at southbound Corral Hollow Road and Cypress Drive.

9:11 p.m.: A caller at Starbucks, 2459 Naglee Road, said a man was in the bathroom refusing to leave and the lobby to the coffee shop was closed.

9:56 p.m.: Someone reported a blue Kia speeding through parking lot of Food Maxx, 1950 W. 11th Street.

• This column includes a sample of items as reported in the Tracy Police Department dispatcher’s daily log. Additional information is based on reports from officers and other law enforcement agencies. Charges may have been added or dropped as of press time, and all suspects are assumed innocent until proven guilty. To report information anonymously about a crime: Crime Stoppers, 831-6847.

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