MacArthur Drive south of town will continue to be closed well after floodwaters subside as sections of the roadway were washed away by Corral Hollow Creek.

The creek, which had become swollen with floodwaters ever since a series of storms hit California at the start of the new year, drains a watershed that goes back into Corral Hollow Canyon southwest of Tracy. The creek channel runs south of Linne Road and then ends just east of Chrisman Road, where the water spreads out over farm fields and continues to flow over the saturated ground toward the San Joaquin River.

As the swollen stream passed under a bridge on MacArthur Drive the water at the edges of the channel started to erode the base of the roadway, causing the water to flow on both sides of the concrete channel that holds up the bridge. By Sunday night enough of the road base had washed away that the pavement collapsed, leaving huge gaps on both sides of the bridge.

San Joaquin County Public Works has not given a timeline for when the road could be repaired.

The road is the main access point for Tracy Material Recovery and Solid Waste Transfer, Inc., and Tracy Delta Solid Waste Management, Inc., which provides the city of Tracy with regular waste collection.

Tracy Material Recovery processes waste that either goes to the Foothill Sanitary Landfill east of Linden, or is separated out for recycling or composting.

“It is impacted where the garbage trucks can actually drop off the waste, so they are now going to Manteca,” Tracy City Manager Michael Rogers told the Tracy City Council on Tuesday, referring to the Lovelace Materials Recovery Facility and Transfer Station in Manteca.

“Waste pickup is continuing to happen and will continue to happen. There may be some delays, however they will pick up each and every day,” Rogers said.

The company continued its regular residential waste collection routes this week, with trucks making collections in Tracy going to the Manteca facility.

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