The campaigns for Tracy mayoral candidates Jass Sangha and Nancy Young and Tracy City Council candidate Amrik Wander are the top fundraisers leading up to the Nov. 3 election.

According to her campaign disclosure forms filed at TracyCity Hall on Sept. 24, covering campaign fundraising up to Sept. 19, Sangha had raised $54,390 so far. That includes more than $43,610 in raised in 2019 and another $10,780 so far in 2020, including $9,696 since July 1.

She listed 33 individual contributions of $100 or more, six of them for $500, and two for $1,000. Another $2,000 contribution came into Sangha’s account from Dr. Surinder Singh of Stockton on Sept. 22.

Young, currently Tracy’s Mayor Pro Tem, has raised nearly $31,700 so far, including $9,455 in 2019 and $22,244 in 2020. Most of it has come in since July 1, and includes 19 contributions of more than $100. Four contributions of $1,250 each came from people with Integral Communities of Newport Beach, developer of TracyHills. Another $1,000 came from Ponderosa Homes, Young got a $3,500 contribution from Sandra Hernandez of Tracy, and she made a $5,000 loan from herself to her campaign fund.

Sangha and Young were the only candidates actively fundraising through the first half of 2020. Tracy City Councilman Dan Arriola has raised $13,080 since July 1. It includes $3,935 in loans from himself, plus 18 contributions of $100 or more. The six contributions of $500 or more included four contributions of $1,250 each from people with Integral Communities.

Challenger Abdul Wahid has raised $4,500 since July 1, most of it, $3,800, from individuals contributing less than $100. His Form 460 states that 1,000 individuals gave $5 or less.

Jennifer Bilbrey did not report any money raised aside from $100 that she contributed to her own campaign.

The top fundraiser among Tracy’s eight city council candidates is Amrik Wander, who has raised $41,500 since July 1. It included 69 contributions of $100 or more, with 16 contributions of $1,000 or more, the largest, $3,000, from Primestar Real Estate, with another $2,500 from Primelink Express.

Mateo Bedolla has raised $24,450 since July 1. It includes $14,000 in loans from himself, a $8,000 loan from Maricela Morelos-Bedolla, and his itemized contributions include $2,000 from Jasmeen Sandhu.

Jaime Medina has raised $17,152 since July 1. It includes $5,000 from the Tracy Firefighters Association, $2,500 from Kramjit Kaur of Sacramento, $1,500 from Janet Blincoe of Lodi, $2,725 in unitemized contribution of less than $100 each, and $2,500 worth of website development services from Smart Logic.

Eleassia Davis has raised $13,816 since July 1. It includes 23 contributions of $100 or more. The largest are $5,000 from the Tracy Firefighters Association and $3,000 from Jasmeen Sandhu of Tracy.

William Muetzenberg raised $11,485, including $6,085.89 in unitemized contributions of less than $100 or less and 36 contributions of $100 or more, with none over $250.

Elizabeth Ortiz has raised $7,221 since July 1. It includes $3,890 worth of marketing, material, web and photo services from Methods of Development in Stockton, and $3,331 in contributions of less than $100.

Ameni Alexander did not raise or spend any money in the first half of 2020, and contributed to $10,000 of his own money to his campaign fund on July 2.

Cliff Hudson did not report any money raised, with the only money spent going toward filing fees.

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