Who doesn’t love the fall weather and all the holidays that soon follow? With the change in the season now begins many fun festivities. We in Animal Services think it is extremely important to highlight some tips as this Halloween approaches.

Tip 1: Candy

When we think of Halloween we immediately think of candy. It’s almost as if those two are now hand in hand for this holiday. Keep in mind that when it’s time to hand out candy or time for enjoying your candy treats to keep an eye on your animals, and look out for any candy that drops to where they are able to eat it. Candy is toxic to dogs and cats and can cause severe upset stomach. If a pet is believed to have ingested chocolate, be sure to call a veterinarian or the Animal Poison Control Hotline at 1-888-426-4435.

Tip 2: Decorations

Candles and heavy/large decorations can be a hazard to any pets. Pets can become excited when around these items, so to ensure that they do not knock over these items, especially lit candles, placement is key for safety.

Tip 3: Costumes

Animals can be very protective of their property. Even if someone they know is visiting an animal can become frightened and possibly negatively react to a visitor dressed in a costume. Ensure that pets are safely kept in a room if there is any unsure responses a pet may exhibit.

Tip 4: ID Tag & Microchip

If a pet ever escapes due to a door being opened for trick or treaters or maybe while trick or treating, ensuring that each pet has current animal owner information is important in a fast reunification.

We hope everyone enjoys their festivities this time of year!

• Brittany Pasquale is the City of Tracy Animal Services Supervisor. To learn more about the shelter at 2375 Paradise Ave. and animal resources – or to just say “hi” – call 209-831-6364 or contact Tracy Animal Services at AnimalServices@TracyPD.com or on Facebook and Instagram.

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