Tracy Press - About Us

Southeast of Tracy, strong winds blew down George Finck’s mill. In town, G.A.D. Buschke’s 14-month-old son, who had been near death, is now out of danger.

It was April 2, 1898, when these news items broke in the Tracy Press. Thousands more followed in subsequent years. An original copy of the first paper that printed those items is kept in the Tracy Historical Museum.

The first issue made its debut as a weekly with world and national news briefs, fictional stories and a column titled “The Fair Sex,” which offered women readers housekeeping tips.

Thomas Duffy first published the paper after other weeklies with names such as Tracy News, the Tracy Exponent and Tracy Times failed.

Through the years, the Press has changed from an afternoon weekly to a twice-a-week morning paper to a three-, five-, six-day daily to a weekly newspaper.

It was purchased by the Matthews family in 1943, and operated by them until its sale in 2012.

The Tracy Press is still family-owned and now co-published by Will Fleet and Ralph Alldredge, who purchased the newspaper from the Matthews family. They took over publication Nov. 12, 2012, under the name Tank Town Media.

The Tracy Press has been dedicated to covering the city of Tracy for more than 100 years, and Fleet said Tank Town Media will continue that tradition of community service.

“No community newspaper is truly owned by the people whose names appear on the masthead. It belongs to the entire community, because it cannot survive without the support and participation of readers, advertisers and the community at large. All of our plans for the Tracy Press are built upon that fundamental truth. “

Today, the Tracy Press remains, for thousands of people, the prime source of news and information about Tracy and southern San Joaquin County.

Tank Town Media LLC also owns and runs other weekly papers, including the Mountain House Press, Patterson Irrigator, Scotts Valley Press Banner and San Lorenzo Valley Press Banner.