Classic Gymnastics

Athletes from Classic Gymanstics who have qualified to compete as part of the Nor Cal State team this weekend at the 2021 XCEL Regional Championships in Reno are, from left: McKenzie Cousins, XCEL Platinum; Aurien Weimer, XCEL Gold, alternate; Makayla Sumabat, XCEL Gold; and Hannah Webb, XCEL Silver.

The athletes at Classic Gymnastics in Tracy have been active through the COVID-19 pandemic, with COVID-safe workouts since summer, virtual meets, and more recently in-person meets.

Now the local gym is ready to send its athletes to regional competition, including three who will be part of the Northern California state team competing at the 2021 XCEL Regional Championships, Friday through Sunday at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center in Reno.

Jenny Yanessa, owner of Classic Gymnastics, said that because COVID-19 restrictions forced cancellation of the state meet this year, state team members were selected for the regional meet through video submission of their routines and skills.

McKenzie Cousins, 15, will go as part of the state’s XCEL Platinum team, the second-highest level. Also joining the state team will be Makayla Sumabat going as a member of the Gold team, and Hannah Webb will go as part of the state’s Silver team. Aurien Wiemer was also selected as a Gold team alternate.

McKenzie said it’s her second year competing at the Platinum level, but she’s adjusting to competition with the higher-level athletes. Her participation in virtual competition, in addition to three practices a week, has built up her skills.

“Practices are normal. The only thing that’s changed was competitions,” she said. “We just stayed here and did them on Zoom.”

Makayla, 12, said that this is her first year competing at the Gold level. She said she still gets nervous at competitions but it is building up her confidence.

“I feel like I’ve done pretty well. When we started doing this because of COVID I lost a lot of my skills and it’s really nice to get them back and be in shape again,” she said.

Hannah, 12, added that she enjoys the combination of virtual and in-person meets.

“I like to compete at our gym because it’s more comfortable. I also like traveling because it feels more like a competition. It’s harder, but it’s more fun,” she said.

Aurien, 12, is in her second year as a Gold team member and also adjusted quickly to the COVID-19 restrictions.

“Practices are pretty much the same but competing is a little different because we’re doing mostly virtual, but we also have an advantage because it’s our own equipment,” she said. “I know I’m going to do my best no matter what.”

Classic has a total of 22 athletes going to the regional meet, including seven at the Silver level, 11 at the Gold level, three Platinum and one Diamond.

Classic’s XCEL coach Casey Hall said the team has been practicing since July.

“We did routines as normal. We did all of our competitions, most of them were virtual. We did do one competition recently where we went out of the gym and were able to compete,” she said, adding that virtual competition is new, but the teams that host the meets adjusted quickly.

“It depends on how they want to run it, but mainly we were here with a computer pretty much like a Zoom call, the judges on the other side watching us here, all of the other teams at their gym competing the same way.”

Hall added that in all other aspects they’ve tried to make the season as normal as possible.

“We tried to do every virtual competition we possibly could just so they were motivated to work and compete and keep trying to challenge themselves,” she said. “All of our gymnasts have grown this year. It’s been an amazing season, so we’re excited for these guys for the regional meet, and we’re excited for nationals, which they will likely be joining.”

The national competition will be June 4 to 6 in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.

Catch Your Dreams Invitational

The most recent competition for Classic Gymastics was at the Catch Your Dreams Invitational meet, and in-person competition held a V-Force Elite Gymnastics in Tulare.

At the top Diamond level Priya Sehdev placed second all-around (36.200) with a first-place mark on the floor exercise (9.500). Alysse Leanos, competing at the Platinum level, placed fourth all-around (36.250), with a first-place mark on the balance beam (9.375).

Makayla Sumabat was the leading gymnast in the XCEL Gold competition with a first-place all-around score of 37.400 in the Older division. That included a first-place score of 9.650 on the uneven bars

Classic’s top athlete in the XCEL Silver competition was Noor Atwal, taking first place all-around in the Older division with an all-around score of 37.850, including a first-place score of 9.800 on the uneven bars.

At the XCEL Bronze level Leilany Nunez placed first all-around in the Younger division, with an all-around score of 35.900, with first-place marks on the balance beam (9.300) and floor exercise (9.250).

Saturday Night Live Invitational

Classic Gymnastics had two first-place all-around winners at the Saturday Night Live Invitational, Feb. 27 a virtual meet hosted by Ohana’s Gymnastics in Oroville.

Alexey Nikitin, competing at Level 5, Division 2 in the 10-and-older age group, had a first-place all-around score of 45.000, with top marks on the floor (6.600), rings (8.400), vault (9.700), and parallel bars (7.700).

Oskar Sawander was first all-around (45.400) at Level 4, Division 2, age 9-10, with first-place scores on the floor (7.200), pommel horse (7.500), rings (8.300), vault (7.100), parallel bars (7.400), and high bar (7.900).

Ohana’s Surf Classic

Classic Gymnastics competed in a virtual meet on Feb. 6 and 7, the Ohana’s Surf Classic hosted by Ohana’s Gymnastics in Oroville.

Priya Sehdev, competing at the top Diamond level, took first-place all-around (36.200), including first place on the vault (8.800), beam (9.325) and floor (9.375). Alysse Leanos, competing at the Platinum level, was second all-around (36.225) taking first place on the floor exercise (9.675).

Classic had three first-place all-around winners at the Gold level, including Ella Delucchi (36.525) in the Older division, Sofia Richardson (36.600) in the Middle division, and Aurien Wiemer (37.475) in the Younger division.

First-place all-around winners at the Silver level included Noor Atwal (37.250) in the Older division and Hannah Webb (36.975) in the Younger division.

Classic’s boys competed in this meet as well. Oskar Sawander placed first at Level 4, Division 2, with an all-around score of 46.200, with first-place marks on the parallel bars (8.100) and high bar (7.800).

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Catch Your Dreams Invitational

March 20-21, V-Force Elite Gymnastics, Tulare

Xcel Diamond

Priya Sehdev - 1 floor 9.500, 2 AA 36.200

Xcel Platinum

Alysse Leanos - 1 beam 9.375, 4 AA 36.250

Mallory Bisel - 9 AA 35.250

McKenzie Cousins - 10 AA 34.825

Xcel Gold, Older

Melissa Sahim - 2 AA 36.900

Ella Delucci - 1T vault 9.225, 7 AA 36.100

Sadie Rodrillo - 8 AA 36.000

Ava Perry - 9 AA 35.850

Meghna Sarathy - 1T bars 9.500, 10 AA 35.550

Xcel Gold, Middle

Sofia Richardson - 1 bars 9.525, 3 AA 37.300

Isabela Richardson - 5 AA 36.700

Xcel Gold, Younger

Makayla Sumabat - 1 bars 9.650, 1 AA 37.400

Aurien Wiemer - 3 AA 37.125

Alana Martinez - 5 AA 36.400

Xcel Silver, Older

Noor Atwal - 1 bars 9.800, 1 AA 37.850

Hannah Webb - 1 floor 9.650, 2 AA 37.400

Katelyn Hellman - 5 AA 36.600

Katelyn Perry - 8 AA 36.800

Bailey Morris - 9 AA 35.900

Xcel Silver, Younger

Natalie Brantley - 1 bars 9.800, 1 floor 9.500, 4 AA 36.700

Sofia Estrada - 6 AA 36.050

Xcel Bronze, Older

Revantika Vijay - 3 AA 37.200

Xcel Bronze, Middle

Kinsley Masters - 1 floor 9.300, 4 AA 36.200

Xuria Alfaro - 10 AA 35.550

Xcel Bronze, Younger

Leilany Nunez - 1 beam 9.300, 1 floor 9.250, 1 AA 35.950

Sanai Tinajero - 1 bars 9.500, 5 AA 35.300

Saturday Night Live Invitational

Feb. 27, Ohana’s Gymnastics, Oroville (virtual meet)

Level 5, division 1, age 9-10

Elijah Swan - 5 AA 52.900

Level 5, division 2, 10 and over

Alexey Nikitin - 1 floor 6.600, 1 rings 8.400, 1 vault 9.700, 1 p bars 7.700, 1 AA 45.000

Robert Rockett - 1 pomml 8.700, 1 high bar 5.700, 2 AA 42.700

Level 4, division 2, age 9-10

Oskar Sawander - 1 floor 7.200, 1 pommel 7.500, 1 rings 8.300, 1 vault 7.100, 1 p bars 7.400, 1 high bar 7.900, 1 AA 45.400

2021 Ohana’s Surf Classic

Feb. 6 and 7, Ohana’s Gymnastics, Oroville (virtual meet)

Xcel Diamond

Priya Sehdev - 1 vault 8.800, 1 beam 9.325, 1 floor 9.375, 1 all-around 36.200

Xcel Platinum

Alysse Leanos - 1 floor 9.675, 2 all-around 36.225

McKenzie Cousins - 4 all-around 34.775

Mallory Bisel - 5 all-around 33.825

Xcel Gold, Older

Ella Delucchi - 1 vault 9.000, 1 all-around 36.525

Ava Perry - 1 beam 9.600, 1 floor 9.375, 2 all-around 36.475

Melissa Sahim - 3 all-around 36.400

Xcel Gold, Middle

Sofia Richardson - 1 all-around 36.600

Trinity Brown - 2 all-around 36.175

Isabela Richardson - 1 vault 9.050, 1 floor 9.500, 4 all-around 35.275

Sadie Rodrillo - 9 all-around 26.800

Meghna Sarathy - 1 bars 9.300, 1 beam 9.300, 11 all-around 18.600

Xcel Gold, Younger

Aurien Weimer - 1 bars 9.525, 1 beam 9.475, 1 all-around 37.475

Alana Martinez - 1 floor 9.600, 2 all-around 37.275

Makayla Sumabat - 1 vault 9.325, 3 all-around 37.150

Xcel Silver, Older

Noor Atwal - 1 floor 9.525, 1 all-around 37.250

Katelyn Perry - 1 vault 9.450, 1 beam 9.425, 2 all-around 37.150

Katelyn Hellman - 3 all-around 36.000

Bailey Morris - 1 bars 9.350, 4 all-around 35.300

Xcel Silver, Younger

Hannah Webb - 1 beam 9.000, 1 floor 9.475, 1 all-around 36.975

Natalie Brantley - 1 bars 9.525, 2 all-around 36.550

Sofia Estrada - 1 vault 9.050, 3 all-around 36.400

Boys Level 5, division 1, age 9-10

Elijah Swan - 1T vault 8.5001T, 4 AA 46.800

Boys Level 5, division 2, 10 and over

Alexey Nikitin - 2 AA 44.800

Robert Rockett - 3 AA 40.500

Boys Level 4, division 2, age 9-10

Oskar Sawander - 1 p bars 8.100, 1 high bar 7.800, 1 AA 46.200

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