The Classic Gymnastics teams took first place at all four levels at Xcelapalooza, a home meet hosted by Classic Gymnastics in Tracy on Feb. 22.

Classic’s Xcel Bronze team took first place out of four teams, with Annelyse Franco receiving the top all-around score of the day for her team, 37.900, to win the Older age group. Her score included first-place scores on the vault (9.600) and uneven bars (9.600). Natalie Bradley also took first place all-around in the Middle age group with a score of 37.300, including first-place scores on the vault (9.550) and uneven bars (9.575).

Classic won the seven-team Xcel Silver competition with a score of 113.675. The team’s top performer was Makayla Sumabat, who was first all-around (37.825) in the Middle age group and first on the vault (9.350). Amanda Beteta was first all-around (37.500) in the Older age group, placing first on the uneven bars (9.650) and floor exercise (9.500).

Classic won the Xcel Gold competition with a score of 110.750, defeating six other teams. Melissa Sahim, competing in the Middle age group, had the top all-around score for the Classic team (36.600) and was first on the floor exercise (9.575).

In the five-team Xcel Platinum competition, the Classic team won with a score of 110.000. Arabella Gutierrez led her team with an all-around score of 37.275 for second place in the Younger age group, including a first-place mark on the floor exercise (9.500).

Other top performances included Priya Sehdev in the Xcel Diamond competition, placing first on the vault (8.950) and second all-around (35.050). The day also included Level 2 competition, where Classic’s McKenna Grigas won the uneven bars (8.025), balance beam (8.400) and floor exercise (8.750) and had the first-place all-around score (33.700).


Feb. 22, Classic Gymnastics, Tracy

Xcel Bronze

Classic, 113.925 (first of four teams)


Annelyse Franco—1, vault, 9.600. 1, bars, 9.600. 1, all around, 37.900.

Hannah Webb—1, beam, 9.450. 2, all around, 37.450.

Ezpe Grimm—1, floor, 9.575. 3, all around, 37.375.

Grace Pina—4, all around, 37.325.

Kailani Coleman—5, all around, 37.025.

Katelyn Perry—6, all around, 36.825.

Katelyn Hellman—7, all around, 36.625.


Natalie Brantley—1, vault, 9.550. 1, bars, 9.575. 1, all around, 37.300.

Alicia Singh-Rawat—5, all around, 36.225.

Jules Perez—6, all around, 36.175.


Shells Hanks—1, beam, 9.325. 3, all around, 35.650.

Teddy Franco—6, all around, 34.575.

Xcel Silver

Classic, 113.675 (first of seven teams)


Amanda Beteta—1, bars, 9.650. 1, floor, 9.500. 1, all around, 37.500.

Meghna Sarathy—1, vault, 9.275. 2, all around, 37.350.

Trinity Brown—1, beam, 9.500. 3, all around, 37.100.

Tiana Torres—4, all around, 36.625.

Shaeyla Morales—5, all around, 36.575.


Makayla Sumabat—1T, vault, 9.350. 1, all around, 37.825.

Ariela Zuno—1, floor, 9.525. 2, all around, 37.375.

Skyler Cordano—1, bars, 9.700. 3, all around, 36.825.

Olivia Richardson—5T, all around, 36.600.


Ava Bolin—3, all around, 36.500.

Xcel Gold

Classic, 110.750 (first of seven teams)


Mallory Bisel—4, all around, 35.575.

Ava Perry—5, all around, 35.550.


Melissa Sahim—1, floor, 9.575. 1, all around, 36.600.

Ella Delucchi—1, bars, 9.600. 5, all around, 35.975.


Aurien Weimer—1T, bars, 9.375. 2, all around, 36.300.

Eva Davis—3, all around, 36.275.

Sofia Richardson—1T, bars, 9.375. 1, floor, 9.700. 4, all around, 36.025.

Alana Martinez—5, all around, 35.650.

Isabela Richardson—8, all around, 34.700.

Xcel Platinum

Classic, 110.000 (first of five teams)


Arabella Gutierrez—1, floor, 9.500. 2, all around, 37.275.

Claire Pierce—3, all around, 36.575.


Alysse Leanos—2, all around, 36.150.

Xcel Diamond

Priya Sehdev—1, vault, 8.950. 2, all around, 35.050.

Level 2

McKenna Grigas—1, bars, 8.025. 1, beam, 8.400. 1, floor, 8.750. 1, all around, 33.700.

Sofia Estrada—1, vault, 8.775. 2, all around, 31.925.

Olivia Sweeney—3, all around, 30.700.

Leilany Nunez—4, all around, 28.525.

Skye Crawford—5, all around, 27.875.

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