Royal Gymnastics had two top teams at the Novato Classic on Saturday and Sunday at Novato Gymnastics.

Royal’s Level 8 Junior Olympic team outscored six other teams with a team score of 111.800. The team’s top performance was first-place all-around finish by Jada Yapp (38.050). She was the top gymnast in all four of her events in the Junior age group: vault (9.475), uneven bars (9.450), balance beam (9.625) and floor exercise (9.500).

Royal’s Level 6 team also took first place (113.825), defeating seven other teams. Inga Jimenez, competing in the Junior age group, had the top all-around score for Level 6 at the meet (38.025). Her individual championship score included top marks in three of the four individual events: uneven bars (9.600), balance beam (9.450) and floor exercise (9.750).

Also taking first place in the Level 6 competition was Kimiko Ramirez, who competed in the Senior age group. Her first-place all-around scores (37.200) included the top mark on the vault (9.275).

Novato Classic

Saturday and Sunday, Novato Gymnastics

Level 8

Royal, 111.800, first place


Jada Yapp—1, vault, 9.475. 1, bars, 9.450. 1, beam, 9.625. 1, floor, 9.500. 1, all around, 38.050.

Riley Maness—2, all around, 36.700.

Belle Schmidt—4, all around, 36.325.


Alexa Hart—3, all around, 35.775.

Madison Mash—1, vault, 9.000. 5, all around, 35.175.

Adrienna Altamirano—7, all around, 34.800.

Level 6

Royal, 113.825, first place


Inga Jimenez—1, bars, 9.600. 1T, beam, 9.450. 1, floor, 9.750. 1, all around, 38.025.

Carissa Iokua—1T, beam, 9.450. 2, all around, 37.625.

Aubrey Hula—3, all around, 37.350.

Makayla Torres-Melton—1, vault, 9.500. 4, all around, 36.525.

Peyton Perez—5, all around, 36.425.

Jasmine Medina—8, all around, 36.050.

Addisyn Hogan—13T, all around, 34.300.

Katelyn Mash—18, all around, 18.400.


Kimiko Ramirez—1, vault, 9.275. 1, all around, 37.200.

Keira Chandler—1, beam, 9.550. 2, all around, 37.000.

Patricia Abrigo—5, all around, 36.575.

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