The Royal Gymnastics’ Xcel Bronze squad was the top team in its division at the Napa Valley Invitational, Friday through Sunday at Gymnastics Zone in Napa.

The Royal team finished with a score of 114.725, and Royal’s top all-around gymnast at the competition, Kennedy Case, took first place (38.200) in the Younger division. She led her team with first-place scores in the vault (9.500), uneven bars (9.750) and floor (9.450). In the middle division, Alexa Berko placed first all-around (37.950), including first place in floor exercise (9.375).

Royal Gymnastics’ Xcel Silver Team took home the second-place team award (114.550). Madeline Reynoso, in the Junior A division, was awarded first place all-around (38.000), which included first place in vault (9.500), first place in uneven bars (9.775) and first place on the balance beam (9.675). Charlye Godwin topped the Junior B division as an all-around champion (37.435) and took first place on the balance beam (9.675).

In the older division of the Xcel Gold Team, Nadia Foster took first all-around (36.800), including first place in vault (9.150) and second in floor exercise (9.375).

In the Xcel Platinum competition, Kyra Bock, took second place all-around (37.025). She placed first on the vault (9.225) and first on floor routine (9.600).

Napa Valley Invitational 2020

Friday through Sunday, Gymnastics Zone, Napa

Xcel Bronze—1, Royal, 114.725.


Kennedy Case—1, vault, 9.500. 1, beam, 9.750. 1, floor, 9.450. 1, all-around, 38.200.

Valeria Flores Leon—2, all-around, 37.750.

Alana Levingston—1T, bars, 9.550. 3, all-around, 37.350.

Emma Thoming—1T, bars, 9.550. 5, all-around, 36.425.

Ellie Hicks—6, all-around, 35.000.


Alexa Berko—1, floor, 9.375. 1, all-around, 37.950.

Reagan Case—1, bars, 9.675. 1, beam, 9.750. 2, all-around, 37.850.

Addison Snell—3, all-around, 37.300.

Jayleen Lopez Mora—4, all-around, 37.125.

Malia Faataualofa—1, vault, 9.525. 5, all-around, 36.475.

Liv Briones—6, all-around, 36.125.


Katie Evans—3, all-around, 37.400.

Lali Ochoa—4, all-around, 37.350.

Aahana Elangovan—5, all-around, 37.275.

Viv Andrade—1, bars, 9.400. 7, all-around, 37.025.

Xcel Silver—2, Royal, 114.550.

Junior A

Madeline Reynoso—1, vault, 9.500. 1, bars, 9.775. 1, beam, 9.675. 1, all-around, 38.000.

Junior B

Charlye Godwin—1, beam, 9.525. 1, all-around, 37.425.

Vivian Zhang—1, vault, 9.600. 3, all-around, 37.150.

Junior C

Jazmin Lukban—6T, all-around, 37.275.

Samantha Munoz—9, all-around, 37.050.

Senior A

Miah Ceballos—1T, vault, 9.700. 2, all-around, 37.725.

Alessa Rivas-Leon—1, bars, 9.675. 1, beam, 9.700. 3, all-around, 37.625.

Senior B

Lillyahna Mae Lund—3, all-around, 37.275.

Sadie Stokes—1, bars, 9.500. 4, all-around, 37.175.

Sadie Rodrillo—6, all-around, 36.850.

Miranda Enriquez—8, all-around, 36.450.

Xcel Gold


Nadia Foster—1, vault, 9.150. 1, all-around, 36.800.


Mimi Rodriguez—7, all-around, 35.125.

Xcel Platinum

All ages

Kyra Bock—1, vault, 9.225. 1, floor, 9.600. 2, all-around, 37.025.

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