The Mountain House varsity boys claimed second place in the Western Athletic Conference, behind Beyer High of Modesto. The final standings are based on the outcomes of the dual meets during the season, the divisional meets held on Friday, and the championship meet held Tuesday at Ceres High, where the Mustangs placed third behind Beyer and Davis High both of Modesto.

Senior Zaki Sawari was the Mustangs’ lead runner on Tuesday with a fifth-place time of 17 minutes, 46.55 seconds. Filling out the Mustangs’ top five were sophomore Yuji Buczynski (18:24.56), freshman Aarush Sharma (20:01.94), junior Bauer Morgan (20:13.22), and sophomore Amitya Thimaiah (20:16.38).

The first-place runner among the varsity boys on Tuesday was sophomore Nathaniel Olsen from Beyer High.

The Mountain House varsity girls placed fifth overall for the season, with Los Banos High the league champion, and on Tuesday the Mountain House girls placed third behind Los Banos and Lathrop.

Mountain House sophomore Sophia Kwok was the Mustangs’ lead runner with a third-place time of 21:57.01. The Mountain House top five also included sophomore Jasmine Johnson (26:08.55), junior Elani Khoe (26:39.59), senior Caterina Bordoni (26:56.00) and senior Simona Ramella (30:50.60).

Los Banos High junior Aryanna Sandoval took first place among the varsity girls with a time of 21:25.57.

The Mountain House junior varsity boys were declared league champions as no other schools in the WAC fielded a full junior varsity boys team. Sophomore Jayden Frank was the Mustangs’ lead runner with a time of 11:45.27 on the 2-mile course. Mountain House does not have a junior varsity girls team, and Los Banos was the league champion in that division.

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Western Athletic Conference Championships

Tuesday, Ceres High

Varsity boys (71 athletes)

Beyer 38, Davis 79, Mountain House 88, Lathrop 93, Johansen 153, Pacheco 170, Los Banos 175, Patterson 179, Ceres 183, Central Valley 205

Mountain House - 5, Zaki Sawari, 17:46.55. 10, Yuji Buczynski, 18:24.56. 22, Aarush Sharma, 20:01.94. 25, Bauer Morgan, 20:13.22. 26, Amitya Thimaiah, 20:16.38. 29, Riley Archuleta, 20:22.67.

Varsity girls (47 athletes)

Los Banos 30, Lathrop 38, Mountain House 95, Johansen 108, Patterson 108, Pacheco 134, Beyer NS, Central Valley NS, Ceres NS, Davis NS

Mountain House - 3, Sophia Kwok, 21:57.01. 20, Jasmine Johnson, 26:08.55. 26, Elani Khoe, 26:39.59. 28, Caterina Bordoni, 26:56.00. 36, Simona Ramella, 30:50.60.

Junior varsity boys (16 athletes)

Mountain House - 1, Jayden Frank, 11:45.27. 2, Daniel Elizondo, 11:52'02. 3, James Valentine, 11:59.43. 4, Siddartha Putta, 12:06.06. 6, Amartya Poovaiah, 12:42.26. 7, Kobe Goh, 13:11.20. 16, Prasanna Raj, 17:40.44.

Western Athletic Conference North Division Championships

Friday, Patterson High

Varsity boys, 3 miles (41 athletes)

Beyer 27, Mountain House 64, Davis 69, Lathrop 76, Patterson 132

Mountain House - 6, Yuji Buczynski, 17:26.35. 7, Zaki Sarwari, 17:26.68. 14, Madden Harada, 18:45.39. 17, Bauer Morgan, 18:59.22. 20, Aarush Sharma, 19:13.6. 23, Riley Archuleta, 19:40.73. 26, Amitya Thimaiah, 19:48.77.

Varsity girls, 3 miles (20 athletes)

Lathrop 21, Mountain House 60, Patterson 53

Mountian House - 2, Sophia Kwok, 21:33.50. 13, Jasmine Johnson, 26:03.76. 14, Elani Khoe, 26:13.98. 16, Caterina Bordoni, 26:28.35. 20, Simona Ramella, 29:55.33.

Junior varsity, 2 miles (seven athletes)

Mountain House - 1, Jayden Frank Key, 12:26.12. 2, James Valentine, 12:41.92. 3, Siddharth Putta, 12:50.83. 5, Kobe Goh, 14:02.84. 7, Prassana Raj, 19:40.02.

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