The disc golf circuit came to Tracy this past weekend, with more than 200 disc golfers competing in the 26th Annual Frying Pan tournament at the Ranch at Old River, a new course on the site of the original Old River Golf Course.

Craig “Krash” Gustafson of Stockton, president of the Delta Windjammers disc golf club, said the usual home course for the club at Oak Grove Regional Park in Stockton was unable to accommodate this year’s tournament because of COVID-19. But Perice Sibley, owner of Old River, assured the club that she and her staff could have a safe event at the new disc golf course at Old River.

“We just have to follow state law. Nobody goes inside. Everything is outdoors. It’s really safe,” Gustafson said. “Everybody’s keeping their distance and wearing their face masks.”

He said it was the first tournament for the club since March, when everything went on lockdown because of the coronavirus, and it was the official debut of The Ranch, which is a 20-hole disc golf course that runs along the original nine-hole Old River Golf Course.

The Ranch opened earlier this year but then had to close down in March because of COVID-19 restrictions on public gatherings. Golf courses, including disc golf courses, were among the first venues to reopen when the state of California and San Joaquin County began to relax their quarantine restrictions in late April.

This past weekend’s event drew 208 disc golfers in 17 divisions, including five professional divisions offering nearly $8,000 in cash prizes for top competitors. Amateur divisions by age ranged from 8-and-under to 65-and-older.

Most of the weekend’s competitors were in the 12 amateur divisions, but the Open Division, one of five pro divisions, drew the biggest field, with 40 men going after the top cash prizes. Austin Hoop of Newcastle won the  prize, $940, for his first-place score, a 20-under-par 108 over two rounds. Ohn Scoggins of Los Angeles won the top prize in the Open Women’s Division, $320, for her 1-under-par score of 127.

Course designer Daniel “Cowboy” Solus, who has been in Tracy for nearly eight years, said he had long envisioned a disc golf course in Tracy, and the Old River course, which opened at the north end of MacArthur Drive in the late 1990s, seemed like an ideal fit.

“When I came out here, I saw it and just started walking and came up with the design plan in my head,” he said. Fellow disc golfers backed up his idea. “All of the people I talked to have said it’s a very challenging course.”

He started talking to Sibley back in September 2019. All the place needed was a series of disc golf baskets and a course layout to determine how competitors would navigate around trees, hills and water hazards.

“The hardest part is you have to convince them that it will actually do something, if you really don’t realize how big this sport has grown,” Solus said. “It’s the fastest-growing sport. As you can see, it’s huge.”

Sibley inherited Old River Golf Course from her late parents, Hiram and Nancy Sibley, and is always looking for ways to make Old River a family-friendly destination. The Ranch disc golf course takes up what was the original nine-hole course, which later became the back nine when the course was expanded. The front nine is still open for ball golf.

“It goes along with golf, which is traditionally what we have here. Being able to redo the course, offer a more multiuse venue, possibly having a lot more outside facilities for people, especially with this whole COVID thing going on, I think it just makes sense,” she said.

“This is a way for me to help redo it, to give back to the community. To give them something that’s here, hopefully, 100 years from now, to be able to enjoy and have great memories.”

Tim Silva of Tracy, a longtime local advocate of disc golf, said he had lobbied as early as 2006 to have a disc golf course as part of the new sports complex that would become known as Legacy Fields. Silva said that city officials had told him it could still become part of the sports complex.

“They liked it and so they said they’d do that on the second phase, and that’s what the City Council promised me,” Silva said, adding that the weekend’s event demonstrated that it could be big for Tracy. “You have some of the top disc golfers in the nation here today, and it’s a fun sport. As you see, people of all ages and abilities can do it.”

26th Annual Frying Pan

Saturday and Sunday, The Ranch, Old River Golf Course, par 64


Open—1, Austin Hoop, Newcastle, 50-58 108, $940. 2, Brady Och, Los Gatos, 56-56 112, $535. 2, Jeff Faes, San Francisco, 54-58 112, $535. 4, Donovan Smith, Bakersfield, 54-59 113, $370. 5, Samuel Aldrich, Manteca, 59-55 114, $300. 6, Michael Arauza, Turlock, 59-56 115, $240. 6, Maximus Meyer, Sparks, Nevada, 55-60 115, $240. 8, Chris Bates, Stockton, 63-54 117, $200. 9, Leif Swenson, Davis, 58-60 118, $180. 10, Dale Dennett, Napa, 59-60 119, $150. 10, Trent Somerville, Seaside, 59-60 119, $150. 10, Jeremy Farnsworth, Stockton, 58-61 119, $150. 13, Andrew Bailey, San Jose, 65-55 120, $120. 13, Dale Gatlin, Santa Rosa, 58-62 120, $120. 13, Alexander Lyon, Orangevale, 56-64 120, $120. 16, Martin Evans, Tracy, 56-65 121, $95.

Open Women—1, Ohn Scoggins, Los Angeles, 65-62 127, $320. 2, Nicole Bradley, Kings Beach, 68-66 134, $175. 2, Ruby Reyes, Cloverdale, 67-67 134, $175.

Pro Masters 40 and over—1, Nick Garcia, San Jose, 64-57 121, $350. 2, Nathan La Chance, San Francisco, 58-63 121, $240. 3, Tateki Noma, Napa, 61-64 125, $165. 4, Stevo Henkis, Upper Lake, 65-64 129, $105. 4, Justin Scott, Auburn, 65-64 129, $105.

Pro Masters 50 and over—1, Jonathan Baldwin, Scotts Valley, 56-63 119, $455. 2, Scott Monopoli, Rocklin, 61-61 122, $315. 3, Roger Cansler, Oakland, 62-61 123, $225. 4, Terry Sutton, Yuba City, 56-68 124, $165. 5, Robert Jerez, Newcastle, 62-63 125, $140. 6, Skot Meyer, Sparks, Nevada, 64-62 126, $100. 6, James Hagen, Brookdale, 62-64 126, $100.

Pro Masters 60 and over—1, Kenny Lee, Manteca, 65-61 126, $225. 2, Doug Werner, Fremont, 64-64 128, $125. 3, Kevin Morse, Reno, Nevada, 83-83 166.


Advanced—1, William Collins, Sacramento, 58-61 119. 2, Austin Green, no city listed, 61-61 122. 2, Brad Moulton, Chico, 58-64 122.

Advanced Women—1, Farrah Wayne, Alameda, 71-80 151. 2, Sonia McNally, Vacaville, 79-78 157. 3, Kelley Snyder, San Jose, 81-88 169.

Masters 40 and over—1, Raymond Rigato, Stockton, 53-62 115. 2, Arno Lopez, Modesto, 57-62 119. 3, C.J. Nakayama, Granite Bay, 63-57 120.

Masters 50 and over—1, Mark Hauser, Santa Barbara, 64-62 126. 2, Andrew Wolverton, San Jose, 68-65 133. 2, Manny Aguilar, Stockton, 66-67 133.

Masters 60 and over—1, George Alvarado, Elk Grove, 75-68 143. 2, Richard Puente, Watsonville, 72-73 145. 3, Jon Dominguez, Santa Maria, 73-74 147.

Masters 65 and over—1, Frank Levings, Clearlake Oaks, 73-78 151. 2, John Johnson, Ben Lomond, 76-82 158. 3, Mark Harris, Santa Rosa, 75-91 166.

Intermediate—1, Mike Vidov, Brentwood, 62-58 120. 2, Jonathan Williamson, Roseville, 64-62 126. 2, Chris Alderson, Livermore, 63-63 126.

Intermediate Women—1, Kayleigh Gates, San Jose, 72-77 149. 2, Tina Nixon, Modesto, 70-80 150. 3, Laurie Gerpheide, Penn Valley, 74-79 153.

Recreational—1, Kevan Mathis, Livermore, 68-70 138. 2, Craig Bostwick, San Francisco, 68-71 139. 3, Juan Aguilar, Napa, 74-66 140.

Junior 12 and under—1, Micah Palm, Santa Clara, 73-71 144. 2, Collin Ferchau, Morgan Hill, 77-75 152. 3, Gabriel Palm, no city listed, 83-83 166.

Junior Girls 12 and under—1, Allison Menchaca, Modesto, 94-78 172.

Junior 8 and under—1, Gannon Benzel, Lincoln, 98-96 194.

Contact Bob Brownne at, or call 209-830-4227.

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