The Tracy High water polo teams opened their season with wins at Mountain House High on Tuesday, with the Tracy girls defeating the Mustangs 10-0 and the Tracy boys winning their match 23-10.

Varsity boys: Tracy 23, Mountain House 10

The Tracy boys opened strong in the first quarter, scoring six goals before the Mustangs got their first goal of the game in the final minute of the first quarter. The Mustangs came back to match up against the Bulldogs in the second quarter to cut Tracy’s lead to 12-6 at the half, and then outscored the Bulldogs in the third quarter get within three goals, with Tracy leading 13-10. The Bulldogs came back with a string of unanswered goals in the fourth quarter for the 23-10 win.

Junior Kanoa Stoddard said that once the Bulldogs got past COVID-related quarantines they’ve been able to practice and develop their team chemistry.

“We came out ready to play. We came out and put some goals up in the first half and then in the third quarter we did struggle a little bit,” he said, adding that the Bulldogs will have to continue building their skills and teamwork for Tri-City Athletic League opponents like St. Mary’s and Lincoln.

“I definitely think that St. Mary’s and Lincoln are very prestigious schools. St. Mary’s and Lincoln will be much more of a challenge,” he said.

Mountain House junior Daakshesh Thangavel led his team with shots up the middle in the second and third quarters, and said that as long as the Mustangs can match the pace of their opponents they will be competitive.

“We do more swimming than water polo stuff, which helps our endurance,” he said. “Our skills are nice and everything, but our conditioning is what helps in those fourth-quarter moments. In this game we struggled in the fourth quarter because we don’t condition enough, so I think we should work on that more.”

Stoddard was Tracy’s offensive leader with seven goals, junior Jacob Herren scored six goals and senior Micah Masten scored five goals. Junior Thomas Metge scored two goals and juniors Tyler Pahulu, Peter Perea and Benjamin Melendez scored a goal each.

Thangavel was the Mustangs’ scoring leader with eight goals and junior Winston Schenck scored two goals. Junior goalie Aiden Larson blocked four of 10 shots, and junior Henry Osborn blocked three of 20 shots.

Varsity girls: Tracy 10, Mountain House 0

The Tracy girls jumped out to a 9-0 lead in the first quarter, with junior Lillian Gunther scoring four goals in the first 3 minutes to lead the way for Tracy and junior Jillian Fry scoring two more. Junior Ariana Munoz and sophomores Yuzar Oo and Abby Riley also scored goals.

The Mountain House girls had some of their varsity players out because of a quarantine. Several junior varsity players stepped up to fill their spots, but were up against a faster and stronger Tracy team, which dialed back its offense in the second quarter and for the rest of the game.

Mountain House senior Marina Ayad and sophomore Bria Eaquinto were able to get close to the Tracy goal in the second half to take shots but were denied goals.

Junior varsity: Tracy 14, Mountain House 6

Tracy’s boys won the junior varsity game 14-6. Junior Paden Amos and freshman Jacob Balluaty scored four goals each for Tracy, senior Brett Morris scored three goals, freshman Julian Penrod, sophomore Miles Cannon and junior Anthony Blake scored goals.

Sophomore Mohit Mahajan and freshman Caden Busuttil scored three goals each for Mountain House.

Varsity girls: Tracy 16, Sierra 8

Tracy High’s water polo teams traveled to Manteca on Wednesday to face Sierra High, coming home with the 16-8 win. The Bulldogs opened with a 6-0 first-quarter lead, extending that lead to 10-2 at the half.

Leading Tracy's offense was sophomore Skylar Payne with five goals in the match. Also scoring for Tracy were senior Makayla Thomas, juniors Lilian Günther, Sophia Myers, Jillian Fry and Ariana Munoz, and sophomore Yuzar Oo,

Leading Tracy’s defense were senior captain Halee Kleebsamut and sophomore Abigail Riley, and splitting time at g¬oalie were juniors Makena Martinez and Katelyn Lewandowski.

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