Everett Conner

West High junior Everett Conner (left) shoots in front of Tracy High senior Jacob Peralta on Feb. 8, 2019, at Steve Thornton Stadium.

Everett Conner

West High


California Miramar University, Montebello

Pacific Coast Athletic Conference

Everett Conner learned to love basketball at the age of 9 when he joined the Junior Jags summer program at Kimball High. His coach created a travel team out of that group, and Conner has been progressing ever since.

After playing on travel ball, Catholic Youth Organization and then Millennium High teams, he set his sights on West High.

“I had already known a lot of the players at West High from travel ball, so they’re the ones who influenced me as well,” he said.

He spent two years at Millennium High, including his freshman year on the junior varsity team and a year on the Falcons’ varsity team. He then transferred to West High, where he saw the opportunity to refine his skills as a shooting guard playing in the Tri-City Athletic League.

As a transfer student, he had to sit out the first part of his junior year, but coaching changes at West made him feel that he could have a fresh start. Another coaching change going into his senior year meant competition to make the team would still be intense, but when the coach announced the roster for the 2019-20 season, Conner knew he would have a full season playing for the Wolf Pack.

“As soon as I heard my name, all of the pressure was eased, and it was time to grind,” he said. “I enjoyed my experience there as a student athlete. I excelled in everything I did and tried my best with everything I had in front of me.”

He now heads to California Miramar University in Southern California and will study business administration at the university’s Montebello campus. In addition to his basketball skills, Conner also had a 4.17 GPA to put on his resume.

“This school, they liked that I had good grades. I fit the role that they wanted. They have a good major in business administration, and that’s what I was interested in, so this school fit me best,” he said.

He said that the team’s schedule includes a variety of opponents, including teams from the California Community Colleges Athletic Association, National Association of Interscholastic Athletics and NCAA.

“At the end of the day, as long as I get to play sports and graduate and get a degree, that’s my goal,” he said.

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