Alfred Robinson IV

West High


Fitchburg State University, Fitchburg, Massachusetts

Little East Conference, NCAA Division 3

No matter where Alfred Robinson IV goes, he will take his passion for football.

In the fall, he will begin a new chapter in his football journey when he heads to Fitchburg State University in Massachusetts.

Robinson was the starting quarterback for the West High Wolf Pack for two years. In all, he played four years of football at West High and four years of basketball, with some track and field and baseball in there as well.

His next opportunity will take him across the country to become a college football quarterback, a role he is excited to take on.

“I love football season. It just gets me hyped. I love playing in front of crowds,” he said. “I love my position. I like being in charge of everything. I just like living up to the expectations on the field.”

Robinson said he had several options for college, but felt that the Fitchburg State Falcons recognized his ability to contribute to the team right away.

“The coaches look out for me. I can feel the energy when they talk to me,” Robinson said. “I liked how Fitchburg treated me more than the others.”

He added that while West High had small teams and won few games over the past couple of years, he developed strong respect for his coaches and teammates.

“Going to West, we’ve always been the underdogs. That just makes me want to play harder. It brings out the best in me,” he said, adding that when the wins did come, it strengthened the bond among players, and their postgame celebrations are the memories he values most.

“We’re all brothers, always looking out for each other. We became tight. Some of us have been playing four years with each other. We just built our relationship and we’d do anything for each other on the field.”

Robinson, who plans to major in radio and television with the career goal of working as a sports analyst, appreciated the support system at West High, whether it was in sports or academics. He said it prepared him for a new start on the other side of the country.

“I feel like I’m born for stuff like this,” he said. “I’m able to talk to people. I’m a people person. I can make new friends. This shouldn’t be a problem for me at all.

“I’m just going to keep playing hard. I’m going out there to start right away.”

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