Tracy High senior Eli Blackwell won his fourth consecutive Tri-City Athletic League championship on Saturday, and he’s just getting started.

“I’ve got a lot further to go. I’m here to win it this year,” Blackwell said after his victory in the championship match in the 132-pound bracket at Tracy High, which hosted this year’s TCAL championships. “There’s nothing holding me back. I can see the path right in front of me. A straight path right to the state championships.”

Blackwell was also presented with the David Mendoza Award for being the TCAL’s Wrestler of the Year. He is a two-time California Interscholastic Federation state qualifier, and his next two meets — the Sac-Joaquin Section Division 2 Tournament this coming weekend and the SJS Masters Tournament on Feb. 21-22 — are the next two steps on the road to the 2020 state championships.

On Saturday, he won both of his matches, getting a first-period pin in 1 minute, 15 seconds, over Nathan Ferroni of Tokay High in the semifinals and a 14-5 major decision over Lincoln High’s Anthony Urrea in the championship match.

Blackwell held the advantage over Urrea for most of the match, scoring on two takedowns in the first period and another takedown and two near-falls in the second period. Urrea scored on a near-fall in the third period, but Blackwell scored on a reversal and stayed in control at the end of the match.

He previously wrestled Urrea in the championship match of the 2018 TCAL championships, which he won on a decision.

“He’s a tough guy,” Blackwell said. “All I knew is that I’ve got to stay on top and I’ve got to stay one step ahead of him to win that match.”

Blackwell was the only gold medalist for Tracy High on Saturday, but the Bulldogs had nine other wrestlers earn medals. All 10 will advance to the Sac-Joaquin Section Division 2 Tournament on Friday and Saturday at River Valley High School in Yuba City. The top eight in each bracket at that meet will advance to the SJS Championships on Feb. 21-22 at Stockton Arena.

Tracy High’s silver medalists were sophomore Anthony Nunes (113), freshman Darrian Mariero (138) and senior Octavio Torres (152). Tracy also had four bronze medalists: juniors Alex Gougousis (120) and Noah Deneau (145) and seniors Nicholas Bronson (170) and Angel Martinez (195). Advancing as fourth-place medalists are freshman Juan Rufino Diaz (106) and senior Jonathan Uhl (126).

West High had four medalists. Junior Forest Brandon (126) claimed the silver medal, freshman Robert Lopez (113) won bronze, and junior Kalani Morreira (153) and sophomore Ethan Medeiros (220) placed fourth.

TCAL girls

Kalila Shrive is new to wrestling this year, but she has learned quickly and has also learned to adapt on the mat when the time comes to finish her match with a win.

Shrive won the only gold medal of the day for West High at Saturday’s TCAL championships at Tracy High. She dominated her semifinal match in the 160-pound class against Isabella Lebed of Lincoln High, finishing with a third-period pin (5:32), and then defeated Tokay High’s Itzel Gonzalez on a second-period pin (3:56) in the championship match.

“It was a really good experience. This is actually my first year wrestling, so it was pretty cool winning a league competition,” Shrive said. “I get pretty nervous before matches. I was just like, I’m going to get after and have some fun.”

Shrive controlled the final match after scoring on a takedown late in the first period, and she knew she had the advantage through the second period as she went for the pin.

“At first I was going for a barbed wire, but the past few times I tried it didn’t work on her, so I tried for a crank, where you just grab a shoulder and crank her down,” she said. “It’s like a reverse half, and then I just held her there and lifted her head.”

She’s one of five West girls who medaled on Saturday. Junior Serena Sanchez (170) claimed the silver medal in her class, and juniors Marisol Huizar (121), Jassiel Ruiz (126) and Edna Torres (131) all placed fourth.

Tracy High’s medalists included sophomore Alysse Leanos (111), who took silver. Sophomore Virginia Metge (121) claimed bronze, and senior Melissa Eufracio (101) placed fourth after her match went into double overtime and her opponent, Karen Gonzalez of Tokay High, won on an escape.

All the girls qualified for the Sac-Joaquin Section South Regional Girls Tournament on Friday and Saturday at Central Valley High School in Ceres. The top eight from that event will advance to the SJS championships Feb. 21-22 at Stockton Arena.

TCAL junior varsity

Tracy wrestlers claimed four medals and West claimed one in the junior varsity competition.

Tracy freshman Thomas Metge placed first in the 120/126 bracket with a win on an 8-2 decision in the championship match. Freshman Miguel Andrade (132/138) placed second in his class, and seniors Alexis Valencia (132/138) and Jesus Luna (160) both placed third.

West High freshman Angel Rodriguez (145) placed third in his class.

Tri-City Athletic League meet

Varsity boys

Team scores—Lincoln 285, Tokay 174, Tracy 146, St. Mary’s 106, Lodi 83, West 37.


113—Silverio Godina, Lincoln, def. Anthony Nunes, Tracy, decision, 11-8.

126—Julius Serrano-Aguayo, Lincoln, def. Forest Brandon, West, major decision, 14-5.

132—Eli Blackwell, Tracy, def. Anthony Urrea, Lincoln, major decision, 14-5.

138—Christopher Martin, Lincoln, def. Darrian Marieiro, Tracy, major decision, 13-4.

152—Matias Heredia, Lincoln, def. Octavio Torres, Tracy, fall, 3:02.

Third place

106—Sadiri Andaya, Lincoln, def. Juan Rufino Diaz, Tracy, fall, 0:55.

113—Robert Lopez, West, def. Kristjen Gonzales, Tokay, decision, 5-2.

120—Alex Gougousis, Tracy, def. Hashir Arif, Tokay, fall, 3:49.

126—Adrian Tenbrink, Lodi, def. Jonathon Uhl, Tracy, decision, 6-0.

145—Noah Deneau, Tracy, def. Preston Izaguirre, Lodi, decision, 5-4.

152—Devin Harwell, St. Mary’s, def. Kalani Morreira, West, fall, 2:15.

170—Nicholas Bronson, Tracy, def. Andrew Andrade, St. Mary’s, fall, 3:40.

195—Angel Martinez, Tracy, def. Jevon Buenaventaura, Lincoln, fall, 3:51.

220—William Ward, Tokay, def. Ethan Medeiros, West, fall, 0:44.

Consolation semifinals

113—Robert Lopez, West, def. Nicolas Carr, St. Mary’s, fall, 4:10.

126—Jonathon Uhl, Tracy, def. Elijah Hunter, Tokay, fall, 0:44.

145—Noah Deneau, Tracy, def. Lucas Healy, St. Mary’s, fall, 2:00.

145—Preston Izaguirre, Lodi, def. Chance Bills, West, fall, 3:18.

152—Kalani Morreira, West, def. A.J. Halvan, Tokay, decision, 10-7.

160—Andrew Senner, Tokay, def. Donovan Treolo, Tracy, fall, 2:34.

170—Nicholas Bronson, Tracy, def. Daniel Romo, Lodi, fall, 4:03.

182—Monte White, St. Mary’s, def. Connor Johnson, Tracy, fall, 4:26.

182—Richard Powell, Lodi, def. Diego Salinas, West, fall, 1:15.


106—Jonathan Nguyen, Tokay, def. Juan Rufino Diaz, Tracy, fall, 0:39.

113—Anthony Nunes, Tracy, def. Kristjen Gonzales, Tokay, decision, 11-6.

113—Silverio Godina, Lincoln, def. Robert Lopez, West, fall, 5:02.

120—Jakob Hixson, St. Mary’s, def. Alex Gougousis, Tracy, injury default.

126—Forest Brandon, West, def. Jonathon Uhl, Tracy, decision, 3-2.

132—Eli Blackwell, Tracy, def. Nathan Ferroni, Tokay, fall, 1:15.

138—Darrian Marieiro, Tracy, def. Luke Chan, West, fall, 1:49.

145—Peter Sim, Tokay, def. Noah Deneau, Tracy, decision, 7-2.

152—Octavio Torres, Tracy, def. AJ Halvan, Tokay, fall, 1:33.

195—Robert DeLaTorre, Tokay, def. Angel Martinez, Tracy, decision, 3-2.

220—Adam Cearley, Lincoln, def. Ethan Medeiros, West, fall, 1:31.


113—Anthony Nunes, Tracy, def. Nicolas Carr, St. Mary’s, fall, 0:10.

120—Alex Gougousis, Tracy, def. Eric Wise, Lodi, major decision, 17-3.

138—Darrian Marieiro, Tracy, def. Hunter Ward, Lodi, fall, 1:18.

145—Noah Deneau, Tracy, def. Chance Bills, West, major decision, 14-2.

152—Matias Heredia, Lincoln, def. Kalani Morreira, West, fall, 0:30.

160—James Macedo, St. Mary’s, def. Donovan Treolo, Tracy, fall, 0:54.

170—Jesus Martinez, Tokay, def. Nicholas Bronson, Tracy, major decision, 13-5.

182—Richard Powell, Lodi, def. Connor Johnson, Tracy, fall, 0:42.

182—Taven Jones, Tokay, def. Diego Salinas, West, fall, 0:32.

195—Angel Martinez, Tracy, def. Miguel Saldana, Lodi, fall, 2:34.

Varsity girls

Team scores—Tokay 247.5, Lodi 145, Lincoln 137, West 44, Tracy 30.


111—Ezzery Shelley, Lodi, def. Alysse Leanos, Tracy, fall, 1:57.

160—Kalila Shrive, West, def. Itzel Gonzalez, Tokay, fall, 3:56.

170—Arriana Galvan, Tokay, def. Serena Sanchez , West, fall, 0:34.

Third place

101—Karen Gonzalez, Tokay, def. Melissa Eufracio, Tracy, ultimate tiebreaker , 5-4.

121—Virginia Metge, Tracy, def. Marisol Huizar, West, forfeit.

126—Justice Bolter, Lincoln, def. Jassiel Ruiz, West, decision, 6-2.

131—Valeria Gonzalez, Tokay, def. Edna Torres, West, decision, 5-2.

Consolation semifinals

116—Victoria Simpson, Lodi, def. Yamilex Fajardo, Tracy, fall, 2:28.

160—Isabella Lebed, Lincoln, def. Grace Brister, West, decision, 9-5.


111—Alysse Leanos, Tracy, def. Sirauh Teng, Lincoln, fall, 2:32.

121—Leiana LaLonde, Lodi, def. Virginia Metge, Tracy, fall, 0:42.

121—Ahnika Greenley, Tokay, def. Marisol Huizar, West, fall, 0:57.

131—Anna Rodriguez, Lodi, def. Edna Torres, West, decision, 5-0.

160—Kalila Shrive, West, def. Isabella Lebed, Lincoln, fall, 5:32.


101—Karen Gonzalez, Tokay, def. Melissa Eufracio, Tracy, fall, 5:56.

116—Sierra Miranda, Tokay, def. Yamilex Fajardo, Tracy, fall, 2:59.

126—Justice Bolter, Lincoln, def. Jassiel Ruiz, West, fall, 3:38.

160—Itzel Gonzalez, Tokay, def. Grace Brister, West, fall, 0:27.

Junior varsity

Team scores—Lincoln 208, Tokay 91, Tracy 47, St. Mary’s 37.5, Lodi 31, West 11.


120/126—Thomas Metge, Tracy, def. Joseph Abeyta, Lincoln, decision, 8-2.

132/138—Luciano Hernandez, Lincoln, def. Miguel Andrade, Tracy, fall, 1:58.

Third place

132/138—Alexis Valencia, Tracy, def. Tanner Abdon, Lincoln, fall, 1:31.

145—Angel Rodriguez, West, def. Josiah Morris, Lodi, fall, 4:27.

160—Jesus Luna, Tracy, def. Christiaan Boss, Tokay, fall, 3:16.

Consolation semifinals

132/138—Alexis Valencia, Tracy, def. Graydin Kettleman, Lodi, fall, 0:45.

160—Jesus Luna, Tracy, def. David Garcia, Lodi, fall, 2:51.


120/126—Thomas Metge, Tracy, def. Tyvin Ny, Lincoln, fall, 5:23.

132/138—Miguel Andrade, Tracy, def. Tanner Abdon, Lincoln, fall, 4:37.

132/138—Luciano Hernandez, Lincoln, def. Alexis Valencia, Tracy, major decision, 12-4.

Consolation first round

152—Christian Teran, Lodi, def. Spencer Lanning, Tracy, fall, 3:17.

152—Brock Shipley, Lodi, def. Paden Amos, Tracy, fall, 3:00.

160—Jesus Luna, Tracy, def. Joseph Macedo, St. Mary’s, fall, 1:40.

160—Christiaan Boss, Tokay, def. Jorge Perez, West, fall, 4:21.

170/182—Aiden Ruiz, Lincoln, def. Caleb Calderon, West, major decision, 10-2.


132/138—Miguel Andrade, Tracy, def. Graydin Kettleman, Lodi, fall, 1:48.

145—Javier Amezcua, Lincoln, def. Angel Rodriguez, West, decision, 7-5.

152—Josh Shinkle, Tokay, def. Spencer Lanning, Tracy, fall, 2:13.

152—Nicholas Martinez, Tokay, def. Paden Amos, Tracy, decision, 12-10.

160—Johnaton Malveaux, Lincoln, def. Jesus Luna, Tracy, fall, 2:20.

160—David Garcia, Lodi, def. Jorge Perez, West, fall, 0:23.

170/182—Cameron Renwick, Lincoln, def. Caleb Calderon, West, fall, 1:40.

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