Elizabeth Best wrote recently (Your Voice, Sept. 16), “In the past 20 months, Biden, Harder and other Democrats have done much to damage our economy.”

The Stockton Record (Monday, Sept. 19) contains an article about how much the U.S. dollar has strengthened against foreign currencies. Their explanation is simple: “Because the U.S. economy is doing better than others.” We have experienced the best recovery from the COVID recession in the world.

You wouldn’t realize this if you relied on Elizabeth for information. She and her co-conspirators in the TRWTT (Tracy’s Right-Wing Tag Team) continue their hobby of misinforming their neighbors.

Never mind the COVID Recession, supply chain blockages in China and our West Coast ports, the war in Ukraine, international shortages of grain and oil because of the war, or a computer chip shortage: It’s Joe Biden’s fault.

While the TRWTT lectures the rest of us about how the world works, few, if any, seem to know the difference between fiscal policy and monetary policy. They blame the president (if he’s a Democrat) but ignore other causes that they don’t understand.

That’s why they score so highly on the Mick’s Superficiality Index. They engage in single-factor analysis, only blame, a person, who is always a Democrat, and they often cite unreliable sources.

The Federal Reserve Banks are mostly responsible for Monetary Policy. They manipulate interest rates to speed up or slow down the economy. They have two goals; the fullest employment possible, and an inflation rate targeted at 2%.

None of the members of Tracy’s Right-Wing Tag Team have mentioned anything about the Fed because they are not very sophisticated about how the world actually works.

The real question now is, can the Fed engineer a “soft landing” – lower inflation without a recession? On the other hand, maybe it's Joe's fault.

Mickey McGuire, Tracy

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