For the second year in a row a charity golf tournament hosted by a Tracy family has gained strong support for the causes dear to their late son.

On Monday 110 golfers showed up to the Tee Off For Travis tournament at Manteca Park Golf Course. The tournament supports a scholarship fund started by Travis Lopez, who died in May 2020 at the age of 38 after struggling with mental health issues.

His father, Ray Lopez, and stepmother, Robin Lopez, host the tournament to support the World Changer Scholarship fund. Travis became a technology entrepreneur and mentor after he graduated from San Jose State University, and worked with complies like PeopleSoft and NetApp. He established the scholarship at San Jose State in 2013, and would give out awards each year using his own money.

Robin said last year’s tournament raised about $20,000 to start the scholarship fund. It enabled the family to award a $2,500 scholarship to a San Jose State student, and use the rest of the money to keep the fund going for the long term.

“We want to be able to keep the legacy going for years and years,” Robin said. She said that the scholarship was awarded to a student who advocates for colleges and universities to train all teachers and counselors to recognize mental illness.

“That way they’re able to help every student that’s struggling, because (Travis) really felt that that’s lacking in educators out there, whether they’re professors or counselors at the university level,” she said. “When a student is struggling they don’t really know what to do, who to refer them to, or how to help them. He just felt that was really important, that it be mandatory for a teacher or counselor to be trained.”

The event is also designed to raise awareness of mental health issues, and organizations on-hand for the day at the tees along the Manteca Park course included the San Joaquin County chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, as well as community groups and non-profits like McHenry House and Tracy Interfaith Ministries.

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