I took the time to review some of the video recordings of past city council meetings. Mayor Pro Tem Veronica Vargas’ and Mayor Nancy Young’s comments in response to the voices of our community often goes against the code of conduct. They are disrespectful to our residents. For the first time, our Mayor moved the very last agenda item to the beginning of a meeting to serve the interests of Vargas. The Vargas-Young Team continues to violate the Grand Jury recommendations. This type of behavior leads our residents to ask- is this a personal vendetta they both have, possibly going after specific individuals on the city staff?

Mayor Young is trying to call city council Team Tracy, but only when it serves the Vargas-Young personal agendas. Council is not supposed to team up against the residents of Tracy and our public safety. They were elected to represent the citizens of Tracy. Not to serve their own interests.

How long are the other three council members going to sit on the sidelines and observe this behavior? Those three council members must rethink and decide how to support our residents now, and also who can better serve and represent the city as our Mayor in 2022. It’s time for our city council members to step up and do the right thing for the residents.

Many in Tracy know that I am not a fan of Council Member Dan Arriola, but I will say he made a wise choice when he voted to support the grand jury recommendation to require a super-majority vote to remove City Attorney or City Manager. This could have only been a power-play by Vargas and Young.

Please continue to choose not to cave to the pressures of the Vargas-Young Legacy Team.

Dan Evans, Tracy

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Good work Dan! Thank you for your efforts to keep our elected officials accountable. I need to do more of my own homework, as all Tracy residents ought to be doing. Our city council needs more oversight from the citizens!

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