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To our friends and neighbors,

Wikipedia says the following about the term May You Live in Interesting Times: “While seemingly a blessing, the expression is normally used ironically; life is better in ‘uninteresting times’ of peace and tranquility than in ‘interesting’ ones, which are usually times of trouble.”

We clearly live in interesting times.

For 122 years, the Tracy Press has served the Tracy area with the news and information that reflect life in this wonderful community. We hope to provide you with many more years of service.

Like many other local businesses, the Tracy Press has been hit particularly hard by the economic impact of the coronavirus, aka COVID-19. Many of our advertisers have had to shut down their businesses. Others have cut back to a small percentage of their previous business level, and have been forced to eliminate their advertising in the Press.

We have responded by reducing as many expenses as we can, including cutting back work hours of our dedicated employees. We continue to explore creative new ways of doing business so that we can preserve the Tracy Press for you.

And we need your help.

On this page, we have provided a printable signup form for readers to submit. We ask everyone who wants to continue receiving the Press to fill out this form and return it to us immediately.

For a $59 annual “Premium Membership,” you will receive an array of services that includes the print version of the Friday Tracy Press as well as full digital access to www.tracypress.com, the Tracy Press email newsletter and the e-edition digital replica. Our $59 subscription is a very small price compared to most weekly newspaper subscriptions. Sunday-only delivery of daily newspapers costs hundreds of dollars per year. This is a bargain.

You may also “subscribe” for free, but you will not receive the other services that are included in our $59 annual membership. Either way, we ask that you fill out the form to continue receiving the paper.

If you find the Tracy Press of value to our community, we hope you will support our efforts to keep our business healthy so that we can continue to serve you. As always, we invite your comments and suggestions.

Prosperity, peace, tranquility and, most of all, good health to all.

— Will Fleet, Publisher, Tracy Press

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