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As we’ve never seen it before

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On my way home last Friday, I couldn’t stop looking at the moon. It was rising, full and golden, above tree branches and rooftops.

Sure, it was just the moon. The same as always. But now and then, I’ll look up at a familiar view and find it surprising, changed, new. Maybe a building downtown, one I’ve walked past dozens if not hundreds of times, will prove to have a decorative carving or fancy brickwork I’ve somehow never noticed before. Know what I mean?

Seeing things through another person’s eyes can be like that. It’s one of my favorite aspects of this newspaper’s annual Celebrate Tracy youth photo contest. When kids from local middle schools and high schools send us their photos, the odds are good they’ll show us views both well known and newly unfamiliar.

By the way, that youth photo contest — it’s open now. And there are prizes.

If you’re a local seventh through 12th grader, you have until Feb. 16 to enter. You can find all the details here. (And see last year's winners here.)

The prompt is deliberately simple: “A Day in Your Life in Tracy.” We’re looking for a series of three photos that tells us something about what it’s like to be a kid in Tracy right now. Whatever that might mean to the young artist in question.

Go take some pictures. Give us your best shots.

Managing Editor Melanie Smith can be reached at She welcomes news tips and suggestions.

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