My weekend getaway. It happened to be one of the hottest days of July. Prior to my trip I had the tires rotated and balanced along with an oil change service. I did this because I have witnessed more than normal vehicle break downs on the weekend getaways through Tracy.

Our first stop was at the Atwater Air Museum. Nice. All was going well until the last day of our trip.

Our plan for the last day was driving through Yosemite Valley. I had my three-day pass and all systems were go. When we arrived in Yosemite Valley we stopped to stretch our legs. When we were ready to drive on, my car would not start. Dead battery. I checked the battery connection and bolts were loose.

I was lucky there is AAA service available in the park. I had the vehicle jumped and asked about a battery check. They indicated they did not have a tester with them and that I could drive back to the shop and have it tested. I asked them their professional opinion about battery condition, they stated battery was charging according to their jump machine and it should be OK so I passed on the shop visit.

Lucky for me I did not stop until I reached Oakdale. We stopped at a restaurant and my vehicle failed to start. A call to AAA again and I ended up purchasing a new AAA battery. FYI, until further notice Yosemite does not have a garage that repairs visitor vehicles nor do they sell batteries. Garage also does not provide tow service to the public. Call for more info.

Recently a friend’s heart surgery was cancelled due to ICU not having beds available due to Covid up tick. "The best-laid plans of mice and men oft go astray."

Michael Gonzales, Tracy

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