I voted No on the Sept. 14 recall election because:

• I strongly object to the Republican (Trumper) party making another attempt at subverting the will of the voters, this time in our state, by forcing this partisan power grab to control the largest Democratic state in the nation.

• California has not only survived the worst of COVID-19, our economy (fifth largest in the world) is making a strong comeback from the pandemic. This is due to Governor Newsom's farsighted as well as compassionate leadership. He and his team have made sure we are safe (providing PPE, vaccines), sheltered (rent protection for tenants, rent payments to landlords, Project Room Key), fed (California For All Volunteer program delivering meals and groceries to vulnerable seniors), and supporting our small businesses (with the largest grant program in the nation).

• I am a proud Democrat and want to continue to have these values represented in the leadership of my state, reflected in programs and legislation that include: a robust effort to combat climate change, addressing affordable housing and homelessness, sensible gun safety laws, immigration reform. I see the emphasis on infrastructure improvements (both types) in Governor Newsom's budget reflecting the same goals as the Biden infrastructure plan with the same goal – to Build Back Better.

Democrats, Independents, Decline to State voters must all vote no on the Republican recall in order to continue our progress. If the recall were to be successful, none of the 46 "candidates" could effectively lead California, and we will see all our progress come to a screeching halt, not just here but in Congress, too. And at the worst possible time in our lives, in our nation and in the world. Do not delay, vote NO and return your ballot today.

Lisa Roth, Tracy

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