In a recent letter Steve Wampler describes my last letter as “fake news.” I’ve never liked the term, figuring that it’s just a slander for people who fear the truth. But Steve immediately abandons his charge, offering no example or evidence. Just to be clear, I don’t write “fake news.” It’s not true.

Steve and I have corresponded in the Tracy Press for 30 years. We have generally been respectful and civil to each other. His latest letter, questioning my honesty, is disappointing.

Later Steve accuses me of “an absolute and verifiable falsehood.” But this charge is left an orphan too, with no reference to what I actually said.

Steve’s claim is that tens of thousands of COVID-infected illegal immigrants are being allowed to enter the U.S. to spread disease. Various fact checking agencies have deemed this story as “false,” “mostly false” and “three Pinocchios.” Steve responds by calling the fact-checkers, “three lying left-wing fact-check organizations.”

But that’s not true. There are several fact-checking organizations, including one that was awarded the Pulitzer Prize. No one will pay attention to them if they don’t fact check all sides. There have been controversies about individual fact checks. If you are a person that tends to play fast and loose with the truth, the last thing you want is someone checking your homework!

Over a million people have approached our border since the COVID recession recovery began. Almost all have been turned back because of Border Patrol “Rule 42” which allows us to expel immigrants during a health crisis. In June alone, the Border Patrol expelled 103,014 immigrants. The Border Patrol issued a statement, “The CBP takes its responsibility to prevent the spread of communicable diseases very seriously.” There is no evidence that illegal immigrants have had a substantial effect on the pandemic.

Mickey McGuire, Tracy

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