I would like to start my 300-word statement by giving Mayor Dr. Nancy Young, Tracy City Council, The City of Tracy’s support staff, and our community a STANDING OVATION for keeping Tracy CA afloat during this Covid-19 pandemic.

Mayor Nancy Young INHERITED a city that was in a COMPLETE LOCKDOWN with the future of our city unforeseeable, due to the unknown outcome of the covid-19 virus on our health, safety, economy, and quality of life.

We, Tracy residents, needed, on day one, a knowledgeable and experienced Mayor to focus and aim their attention on a city-wide plan to keep Tracy solvent. We accomplished that when we elected Dr. Nancy Young to be our mayor. During intense times, Mayor Young showed immerse LEADERSHIP and #TEAM TRACY was created with Mayor Nancy Young as the Captain! Our city remained steadfast with city staffers assuming roles of disaster managers, as a VIRTUAL Emergency Operational Center (EOC) was rapidly established.

My family have been residents of Tracy since 2009. We have seen Tracy grow from a small town to a big city. Mayor Young, former city council member and mayor pro tem, has fought for and championed things that others said could not be done. A good example is Measure “V.”

Mayor Nancy Young is here to serve the community, not her personal agenda or ego. She has always been an advocate for our youths, seniors, the homeless, affordable housing, good head of household wages, and bringing new businesses to Tracy while nurturing existing businesses. Mayor Young continues to keep our city safe, informed, and operational.

My family supports all three events Honoring the 20th Anniversary of 9/11 and will be attending Tracy Mayor’s Benefit to Reflect and Unite while giving to a good cause Tracy’s Boys and Girls Club and The Homeless.

LaVerne Grant-Jackson, Tracy

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