The voting citizens of Tracy have made our voices heard but Tracy City Council is not listening.

The “hidden” agendas of Vargas and Young are not so hidden now as we are all being enlightened by various members of our community. The TOD and Valley Link are not the same and should not be promoted by the council. This is not for the good of Tracy.

Self-serving politicians are planning for their own economic futures. Backdoor deals between the council members need to be continued to be exposed. These members need to resign. Being on Boards and Council are conflicts of interest and other cities do not allow serving on both .

I had asked years ago if eminent domain and citing the old buildings and homes as uninhabitable was the plan and I was told absolutely not. That IS what is happening in our “historic” district and in the Southside neighborhood. Very obvious. I had stated that the Transit money is tied to development and gave BART funding as an example. Once again, I was told absolutely not the case. Another deceiving statement.

The future of Tracy should not be warehouses and planned dense housing in our historic downtown. We need to look forward to the future generations and plan on keeping our neighborhoods desirable, and not cater to the wishes of developers.

Thank you,

Ramona Confer

Editor’s Note: For clarification, there are no legal consequences or prohibitions toward elected officials serving on nonprofit boards. However, a conflict of interest may occur if that board member personally benefits from actions made by the board. In reality, Valley Link’s board is made up of elected officials from their respective jurisdictions. This is a common practice.

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