Wow! The County Supervisors voted four to one (with Kathy Miller dissenting) to denounce the state’s mask mandate in public schools. The problem is that none of this has been studied enough to make it okay if children, adults or elders died because science didn’t truly stand behind mask removal. Even the CDC changed their stance while the virus mutated several times in a year and a half.

The 8/13 article referenced studies saying children are not likely to suffer side effects. They can still carry the virus back to their multigenerational families. Young children constantly stick fingers in their nose and mouth and touch a lot of things.

Masks and vaccinations are not about me. It’s about you getting what comes home. I’m vaccinated because I am in schools most every day. And as a substitute, I catch teachers’ and students’ colds, stomach flus, etc.

For those holding out to vaccinate because of doubts and theories, ponder this: Children can’t attend public schools until they get the vaccinations against measles, mumps, rubella, polio, etc. We no longer take our kids to the home of the one kid with the chicken pox to let them just get it over and done because shingles as a stressed adult or senior is no joke. Our older generations were brave enough to get the vaccinations against these diseases that have nearly become a thing of the past. Shouldn’t we be as brave as them? It’s all relative: Mask up and vaccinate to save lives. Kids seem to be doing fine with the masks. Make it a positive thing and we’ll get through this together!

Deborah Littleton, Tracy

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