A headline in last week’s Tracy Press caught my eye: “Board of Supervisors passes resolution to denounce state mask mandates in schools”.

There was a bit to unpack in the article, the first of which is that the Board of Supervisors, (BOS), have no…zero…zip control over schools. Secondly, it’s obvious that Tom Patti is not up to speed with the Delta Variant and its effects on children – and doesn’t listen to those who do know, and lastly Supervisor Kathy Miller was, once again, the voice of reason as the only one listening to the experts.

This is not surprising. Patti has plans for higher office so of course he would take every opportunity to find free media. And, as per usual whatever way Patti votes, so do his cronies, Supervisors Villapudua and Rickman. For them to take a stand that can cause harm and even death to the children of our community takes them to a new low.

In the same article Public Health Officer Dr. Maggie Park explained “Because social distancing of three-to-six-feet is not feasible in all schools, the CDC set forth “layering mitigation strategies” to protect students and staff on campuses and continue in-person learning…” One of those layers is wearing a mask.

Sadly, masks have become a political tool when in fact they are a way to help mitigate the effects of the virus. Why anyone would want to actively fight against protecting children is beyond me. Masks help to keep children and adults safe, just like seat belts and bike helmets.

Rickman whined that he would “…fight with every breath I have against it [mandating masks]…” I say that he should fight to keep the children of our community from breathing their last breaths.

Robin Cole, Tracy

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