Black History is Me

Black History is You

Me and You


Makes Black History


My eyes see future things

Not ever knowing what it is like

To not be able to walk and live and go to school wherever you want

I hear stories of the sacrifice of black men, women, boys and girls

And I am grateful

Grateful for the history that allowed me

To Live in that History …

I saw 14 year old Marley Dias create #1000BlackGirlsBookDrive and write a book at 14

I saw 11 year old Mari Copeny write to President Obama about the bad water in Flint Michigan

I saw Naomi Wadler at 12 speak about gun violence at the March for Our Lives Rally in Washington, D.C.,

I saw Moziah "Mo" Bridges, become the CEO of his company that he created Mo’s Bows which he started when he was 9

I saw Mikaila Ulmer create her own lemonade and now at 15, the company is called Me & The Bees Lemonade

Marsai Martin, Black-ish, was awarded a Guinness World Record for her 2019 film "Little," which she executive produced by her at age 14

To understand that Black Lives Matter forever and ever

I heard that civil rights are equal rights

And equal rights are equally right

I saw Amanda Gorman read her poem “The Hill We Climb”

She wrote and spoke it at the Inauguration of President Biden and Vice President Harris

I saw Mrs. Kamala Harris

Become the first Black Woman Vice President of the United States

In Black History we dream of what we deserve … We become what we dream and We create excellence

Black History is American History.

• Yolande Barial is a Tracy resident and mother. Her column appears monthly in the Tracy Press. Comments can be sent to

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Did this “influence” cause you to have a stoke while writing this piece? This was extremely difficult to read. It was incoherent and just so very bad. Wow.

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