New Year’s wishes from the newsroom

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Welcome to 2020

Welcome to the year 2020.

It feels like a significant number, doesn't it? Something about the roundness of those zeroes and the reduplication.

It reminds me a bit of the year 2000. We’ve been reminiscing, in the newsroom, about the Y2K panic as 12/31/99 rolled over to 01/01/00. I wasn’t here at the newspaper yet, but Glenn Moore and Bob Brownne both remember spending New Year’s Eve out on Tracy’s streets, waiting for something dramatic to happen. It didn’t, of course. But they were ready to report if it did.

Meanwhile, my part at the Tracy Press has long been the sort that doesn’t get a byline, and I’ve stayed quietly out of sight. To misquote the estimable Bilbo Baggins, I know less than half of you half as well you deserve. Far less.

But I do know some of you, by your names if not your faces. Those who email or drop by to make sure we’ve heard the latest. Those who go to our website to announce engagements and 50-year anniversaries, new babies and grown children finishing boot camp. Those who continue to fill our Datebook with the school plays, club dinners, library programs and fundraisers that keep this community running.

As 2020 begins, here’s my New Year’s wish: Keep it all coming.

Share your news with us. Write a letter to the editor. When something happens that makes you glad to live in Tracy, email me with “Feeling Good about Tracy” in the subject line. (Send photos too!)

The Tracy Press is your newspaper. You’re the reason we do this, and we couldn’t do it without you.

Managing Editor Melanie Smith can be reached at msmith@tracypress.com. She welcomes suggestions, news tips and book recommendations.

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