Morelos campaign flier

The flier "Working to help us grow," sent to Tracy voters. 

Tracy voters started receiving a campaign flier from mayoral candidate Ray Morelos on Saturday entitled "Working to help us grow." The flier included Tracy Press photos which were used without authorization.

We want to clarify that the Press does not donate material or financial support to any candidate for public office to avoid conflicts of interest that may arise from a public perception of support.

Candidates were asked not to use Press photos or logos earlier this year. Any Press photo used in campaign material is used without authorization.

Contact the Tracy Press at or 835-3030.

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(10) comments


In hindsight, Not a poor decision at all. And not a backfire. And still you won't condemn the theft. Hmm.



You are the lady who just attempted to blame Ray Morelos for stealing. You're rapid, yet poor decision to call Ray a "bad man" just back fired on you.

*** VOTE FOR RAY MORELOS for Tracy Mayor ***


I'm the woman telling them it's not okay to steal. Not even pictures. Funny thing ... why isn't anyone else here saying that?


This is all they have and what ever pressure the are feeling from whomever to try to smear character this is the best they have. Everyone knows who they are backing and have been backing since the whole letter they wrote to ask citizens to stop criticizing certain council members for dragging their feet and then flip flopping on making a decision. What news paper does that??? Press is meant to be a forum for events and information not someone's individual soap box or a tool to be used for specific agendas.
I'm not sure what issue you may have with the Teamsters but understand that there are thousands of them in Tracy and they support Ray. So tell me "tracyite4life".. Who are you to tell them they are not welcome in their own hometown.


You bumped your head.
Ray Morelos is native Tracyite and so am I. Your not welcome here.

Obvious you have issues.
Ray was robbed of his seat on the city council, and now the powers that be,are attempting to steal his votes for mayor.

Ray is clearly the better man for the job.

Vote Ray all day


Yeah I saw it was from the Teamsters. I got one. Funny business in local politics. And Patricia, the TP didn't make this flier then turn around and blame your guy. They responded to dirty tricks, meanwhile you are coming at them for smear campaign.. Your right, it does tell me all I need to know about his character. Hey Teamsters and any other people stealing stuff that's not yours, your not welcome in Tracy.


@tracyife what the press does not share is that Ray's campaign did not produce this advertisement.this was created and paid for by Teamsters with no input from Ray's campaign. The Tracy Press is on a mission to get Maciel to shine in a certain light by trying to paint Ray negatively. This is the only possible negative issue they can find with Ray?? Pathetic attempt to smear character. We have many more pictures of much better quality than anything produced by the press. We appreciate the free advertisement all though we chose not to market with the press because of their one sides journalism and inability to offer coverage that gives readers unbiased news. This was obvious in their shameless endorsement of Maciel prior to the candidates forum. If anyone would like honest information about Ray please feel free to contact us on RayMorelosForMayor Facebook page or the MorelosForMayor website
Campaign manager


Come on..
Why make a big deal,unless TRACY PRESS is endorsing Maciel.

This does nothing to damage the character smd Integrity of Ray.

Bad attempt. ...
Vote Ray Morelos for mayor.
He has my vote


Okay, he is not getting my vote. If he uses someone else's pictures without asking, what is he going to do with my tax money.
For those of you who say, no big deal it's just pictures ... how ethical can he be if he does this after they ask him not to. Bad guy.


Tracy press has no shame! They didn't even bother to look where the post card came from. This was created and paid for by the teamsters, if they would have come to us we would have picked much better quality photos .. Either way they did a great job with what they had and I'm excited to see their support in this manner. I also want to thank the Tracy Press for their free advertising. We chose not to spend campaign money on the press because of their obvious biased choice and discussing use of media trying to influence a vote. I ask all that read this to please share the link and make a reference to the fact that it's not a product produced by Ray's campaign but it is the Tracy presses last ditch effort to tarnish the character of a man that they can't pull anything bad out about. How about they go back and reference the opponents numerous episodes recorded by TP and council video. That's a treasure trove to mud sling but we chose the higher route unlike the press.

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