Mickey McGuire and Art Caya are two of the most loyal defenders of the national Democratic Party’s hypocrisy.

Democrats impeached President Donald Trump in late 2019 on the hearsay evidence of one witness, yet Democrats like McGuire, Caya and the national press corps now tell us there is no evidence of election fraud.

Really? There are more than 900 Election Day workers and others who in some cases have defied death threats and gunshots to their homes to swear under penalty of perjury that they saw in some cases massive voter fraud.

On Jan. 24 Sen. Rand Paul stated that in Wisconsin tens of thousands of absentee votes had only the name on it and no address. Historically, those ballots were thrown out; this time they weren’t.

Here’s what one of the election fraud witnesses, Brian Mchafferty, a registered Democrat and poll watcher at the Philadelphia Convention Center, said:

“They will not allow us within 30 to 100 feet to supervise the ballots being counted. This a coup against the president of the United States of America. I can’t believe what I’m seeing right before my eyes. This has nothing to do with Joe Biden or Donald Trump. This has to do with our democracy.”

Years ago, President Ulysses Grant said there are only two political parties in the U.S. – the patriots and the traitors. Mchafferty, a Democrat, is a patriot because he puts his country ahead of his party.

Congressional Democrats, the media, Caya and McGuire aren’t in the same political party as Mchafferty because they put their political party ahead of the country.

Anyone who wants to know if the presidential election was stolen should check out this article, “Yes, it was a stolen election,” by John Perazzo at www.frontpagemag.com Then, you’ll know that Biden is the Commander-in-Thief.

Dave Kerst, Tracy

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