What a wonderful country we live in! Americans are free to make short-sighted, ridiculous statements and get those statements published in the newspaper. I am referring to the letter to the Editor from Michele Loomis in the August 20 edition of the Tracy Press in which she states that the reason we have massive amounts of disease-ridden illegals flooding across our border is because President Biden takes a nap once in a while. While the President is napping, duration of the nap time unknown, our country is being overrun and there is no one who can or will stop this en masse migration.

WOW. That is really an amazing statement and galactic in its ridiculousness. If President Biden really is taking a nap now and then, at least he is in the White House doing it! Our previous president spent 285 days on the golf course. Do the math: that is 80 days shy of 1 year which cost the American taxpayers $142 million. Then, of course, there was the tweeting, the constant insane tweeting, day and night, every day. If all that time were to be added up, my guess is that we would have another year wasted.

President Biden has been in office for 8 months and it is a wild guess but it will probably take him more than half of his first term to repair the damage done by the previous administration. It seems to me that President Biden might just have the right idea; a little cat nap once in a while could do us all some good!

Denise Snider, Tracy

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