In our daily struggle with jobs, businesses, schools, and our state’s economic outlook, we can change our future in California. Vote YES on Sept. 14, 2021 in the election to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom.

A dedicated group of Californians decided that we must take back our Golden State and replace the governor with someone who represents We the People. They began gathering signatures for a recall election in June 2020 and gathered 1,719,943 valid signatures by March 2021. These signatures came from registered voters who were democrats, republicans, libertarians, no party preference and decline to state voters. These signatures represent 12% of those who voted for the office being recalled.

All of us have at least one reason to vote yes in the next election and take back our state from a governor that disregards our personal freedom and liberty for his personal power. Your reason could be loss of jobs and businesses, the highest homeless rate in the nation, the release of more than 90,000 criminals from custody, the nation’s highest income and gas taxes, funding for a Bullet Train to nowhere or the biggest threat to the nation’s food supply—and ours—sending our water out under the Golden Gate Bridge in the midst of a severe drought.

Your help is needed to reach out to every voter and get them to vote. Your ballot will have two questions. The first: Do you want to Recall Governor Gavin Newsom? Vote yes! Question two asks: Who do you want to replace him? You will have 42 candidates to choose from. Pick wisely.

There must be 50% plus one vote to remove Governor Newsom from office. Whoever earns the plurality of votes for question 2 becomes governor ten days following the election. A new governor is elected and the process is complete. It is really that simple to fix our state.

Only four governors in the history of the United States of America have been recalled. The last governor recalled was in California in 2003. Governor Gray Davis was recalled and the voters chose Arnold Schwarzenegger from a ballot of 135 candidates.

Gavin Newsom will be running against himself in the recall election. This recall election was formed because of his failed policies.

It is time to make California history by voting, removing and replacing Governor Newsom. It is time to make our wonderful state golden again. Do your part and rally your family, neighbors, coworkers and community to return the mail in ballots for this special election on September 14th.

The task ahead is simple; get people out to vote! Vote YES to RECALL Gavin Newsom, then VOTE to REPLACE him.

For more information on how to save California go to

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