This is a response to the "Enough is Enough" letter written by Mary Williams.

With all respect Mary Williams I was wondering what evidence you had that proves all the accusations you made in your letter? This is also to the Tracy Press for actually printing all the accusations you made without proof to back it up. Is that even legal?

So just to set the record straight before anyone starts to judge. Every one of the accusations you made are false. You said there was prostitution. Drug selling and stealing going on at a house on Chester. Well every single one of those accusations are false. I believe it’s called Slander. And as far as being squatters well last time I checked that wasn't illegal.

So please tell me one more time what illegal activities are going on in that house? I would love to know. Also I believe people should mind their own business unless it is directly hurting them. We are living in a world right now where nothing is normal and no one knows what tomorrow will bring. So to make up lies just to hurt someone else that just isn't right. If you’re not helping in someway your hurting it. We should be helping one another. Not putting each other down with lies. Think about it.

Sherri Cook, Tracy

Note: According to California Penal Code 647(e), anyone "who lodges in any building, structure, vehicle, or place, whether public or private, without the permission of the owner or person entitled to the possession or in control of it," commonly known as "squatting," is "is guilty of disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor."

Tracy Police dispatch logs record police response to this area a few times in the past year, including a Jan. 30, 2020, incident where police were called to evict a squatter and arrested a woman who was wanted on a warrant for felony drug charges.

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