It is my pleasure to bring to you some monthly news about your local animal shelter. Did you know you had an animal shelter right here in Tracy? Well, you do! And it’s a state-of-the-art building with some great programs and opportunities! Unfortunately, we currently aren’t open for general walk-through, however if you are looking for your next forever fur baby, please call and make an appointment! Staff would be delighted to help any family looking to grow.

Over the last year, we have been making lemonade from the lemon of a year that was 2020. I’d love to start out with the happiest success story that we had!

Two sweet sisters, Mary Jane and Banana had been surrendered to our shelter in the middle of August, as their owner was unable to care for them any longer. These two sisters were inseparable. They were loving and gentle goofballs that really needed to be placed together. So often for animal shelters across our county, placing one animal, let alone two 55+ pound dogs, can be a feat in and of itself. Staff just knew that there was going to be the one person that would come in and help Banana and Mary Jane on their journey.

At the end of September we thought we had found that special person who would love and care for these amazing sisters as much as staff had grown to love and care for them. However, sadly the girls were returned less than 24 hours later due to the adopter deciding that taking on two dogs was going to be more than he could handle.

We had ended the previous day on such a high, to then come back to work with such a melancholy situation, it’s the life of an animal lover in the animal industry sometimes. We were happy to at least give them some extra love once they were back with us.

We again dove into networking and featuring them on our social media outlets and rescue connections and then two weeks later, all our hard work paid off! The non-profit, Hope for Animals International came and decided that the girls were a great candidate for their organization. We decorated our lobby and recorded Banana and Mary Jane’s send off to the next chapter in finding the perfect home. All of our staff was ecstatic that our girls were given such a great opportunity, as it had been 57 days that they had been in the shelter.

On October 29 we got the best news ever that Hope for Animal International had found the most amazing home for BOTH of them and they had finally been adopted!

This story is not a unique situation for many shelters. It takes dedication, teamwork, and making connections to really make an impact for animals that come into our care. We are so thankful for all of the animal rescue relationships that we have built and continue to build, as well as our community who shares and interacts with us daily on social media.


Until next time,


• Brittany Pasquale is the City of Tracy Animal Services Supervisor. To learn more about the shelter at 2375 Paradise Ave., call 209-831-6364 or contact Tracy Animal Services at or on Facebook and Instagram.

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