Councilmember Mateo Bedolla ran for office on his statement that said, “together we can take responsibility for the future of our community”. Bedolla has failed the residents of Tracy.

He stated, “I’m registered No Party preference, an independent voter, because like many everyday Americans I feel that political parties have failed to represent us.” How has he represented the citizens of Tracy? Bedolla clearly ran his campaign on lies.

Mateo has proven to be a seat warmer, going against the code of conduct and what appears to be colluding with Vargas. If you review the council meeting videos, you’ll see that often times Bedolla is talking to Vargas during the meetings, which is against the code of conduct. Many have asked publicly for him to step down after finding out that Bedolla intends to run for state office next year. If he was a man of his word, he would do what is right for the city. Clearly that’s not going to happen, his ties with Vargas are too strong, with the support of Young. The big money landowners and developers have taken hold of yet another council member at the expense of citizens, Tracy is one of the fastest growing cities and we have nothing to show for it.

Lastly, he stated that he “earned the support of Ray Morelos”. What a disappointment to Ray’s memory and for South Side. He never earned Ray’s support—this is an absolute betrayal.

Bedolla took an oath to serve the community of Tracy, not just appear for ribbon cuttings and photo ops.

As someone that supported him, I’m so disappointed, he took an oath, time to step up or get out.

Juan Valdez, Tracy

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