I was reading "Energy Choice - Scott Jacobson" and I'm not agreeing with his point of views totally. As a college student, change in climate is stressing me out. Over the past two years, I have learnt about a number of wildfires that are destroying the environment, and it is a source of great anxiety. Every subsequent year I experience wildfires and power outages. This affects my study and sometimes I would need to move to my relatives’ in order to get my work done. All of this because of our dependence on the fossil fuels as a source of energy.

After getting more energy through the renewable sources, there will be a decrease in power outages and that will also help in making environment safe for the coming generations. More and more dependence on the fossil fuels would only lead to worse, not better! These wildfires not only affect the environment but also disrupt the social, educational and economic systems.

In order to protect and save us from the wildfires and power outages we must take major steps, like depending 100% on renewable sources for electricity. Governor Newsom established himself as a political leader in sustainability, banning the sale of gas powered cars in California by 2035. But it needs to be done quicker. Me and other members of CALPIRG are calling on Governor Newsom to accelerate the 100% clean energy timeline to 2030 instead of 2045.

Eknoor Chauhan, Tracy

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Just where are you going to get the energy to power all these cars? Solar and wind won't cut it.

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